[A] <Small Green Pouch> 11/15 Naxx, Casual, Wed/Sun 6p-9p PST (DKP) LF DPS/Heals

Small Green Pouch is our name!

9/9 AQ40
11/15 Naxx

We’re a pretty tight knit group and have a base that has played together on private servers as well as retail, some as many as 8+ years. Some of us enjoy playing other things together as well. We run one core raid with the main/progression night being Wednesday. We run cleanup on Sundays. We’re pretty casual, friendly, and carefree, some of us go really hard but we don’t force it by any means. We just want to have fun and gear up all of our friends, together! A lot of us contribute to the whole and we really banded together to get a Scarab lord! We use discord.


We are currently welcoming all healers for Naxx progression, priest, paladin, druid any are welcome!

Ranged DPS
We would be happy to welcome an additional mage or two.

Raids - Wednesday (Primary) w/ Sunday Cleanup 6 pm PST

Many of us work to coordinate world buffs prior to raid. We encourage people to get them if they want them, if they don’t, that’s fine too!
Most raids 3 hours on progression nights (Wed). We rarely go past 9p PST (12 EST).

Loot System - Open Bid DKP (BWL/AQ)

We have a decay between content releases.

We really try to not reserve anything. Geddon TF Bindings are reserved, we have 2 Garr and 0 Geddon. We do have two Thunderfury’s in the guild however!

Recruitment Info

Trial period for new raiders in which max dkp spend is limited, it’s 3 weeks.

TL;DR: We’re casual, we raid Weds/Sun 6p-9p PST (9p-12p EST). We’re not going to boot you if you can’t make a few raids. We need Healers and 1-2 Mages.

If you have any questions feel free to message Kusher (Alts: Schoop/Peaches), Ragnell, Ryxain, or Melaryn in-game.

cute guild AYAYA

3/3 Spider, 2/3 Plague, 4/4 Abom, 1/3 Deathknight.