A slap in the face - really blizzard?

Blizzard is a multi billion dollar company and can’t even tell us why they need a full work day to do maintenance? What are they paying their employees to do? Corporate greed is getting really out of hand. If ACTIBLIZZ would get their act together and interact with the community more there would be fewer complaints.

I’ve been a loyal customer since 2004 and played in vanilla so I am very familiar with how blizzard does business. We should all be more outraged about the lack of communication and lack of respect that the corporation we love has for us. It’s like being in an abusive relationship but we keep coming back.

Blizzard, this is unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourselves.




You waited until it’s over (very early) to complain?

*ps - Yes it’s a troll post, but it’s a late one. lol


Lol thanks for last post…

I got turned into a goole once and I walked up to a guard and it killed me? Then I waited at a quest giver to respond , clicked to rez then clicked to turn in quest. Oh noes … On for 3 hours.
I wanted this toon to make my last post for awhile.
Gonna make 4 more accounts and some auto bot software.
Lol no , I am not.
Have fun …

Not really their fault if you don’t understand how much work has to go into launching an expansion for a game like WoW.

Servers need to get prepped, new versions need to be published and patched etc… Not a simple switch you can flip without some previous setup in place.

This would have been funnier 3 hours ago.

But the servers are up.

I don’t know man. It really seems funnier to me that they posted it after maintenance ended early.


this may come as a shock to you…but…you don’t matter. THey owe you nothing. THey aren’t going to give you an itemized bill at the end of maintenance so…live with it.

This is actually normal behind the scenes maintenance. I tell clients their will be down time, they can ask what/why but even if/when I do tell them…the vast majority don’t wanna know and can’t understand patching and updates of non visible things.(to them) so…yeah no. they owe you nothing.

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But have no understanding of maintenance before an expansion drop…

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Wait, games up?

Topics like this one remind me why I hate people.

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Blizzard combs your hair back for 4215436 damage

Well first the maintenance does not seem to have taken that long.

Second Are you serious? Applying updates before the launch of the expansion is a thing we should all applaud and encourage. Allowing themselves time for those updates to need additional work is simply good sense.

I’m sorry you are so annoyed but, just for my information, what large IT projects and deployments have you worked on that would give you insight into how long this should take? Or do you simply assume that more money = less time needed? A laughable thing if you have ever worked on large projects that require deployment across multiple sites and interaction between hundreds of people. To a point more hands is helpful. After that point extra hands simply takes a person doing the actual work away from it to be sure the extra hands are not breaking things or slowing everyone else down by doing things at the wrong time.

Extra hands to open and close panels, move stuff out of the way, clean up debris from cable rebuilds and the like, are always useful. More IT people thrown into the mix when you won’t keep them and have not trained them is simply disastrous.