A sincere change that I feel would benefit the Enhancement tree

First of all I would like to apologize, I made a post earlier stating that I did not care for the new enhancement tree, that was before my mind was open to the possibilities to certain skills in combination to one another.

I would like to take this time to showcase a change, that I do truly believe would benefit the entire tree, and it is a simple switch.

I would like to highlight two of the skills here as seen below…

These two skills if they were to be reverse offer much broader option when it comes to the tree.

With these two skill now sitting in the tree like this.

Now gives you full range to literally do any spec you would like, want to go Ice Strike and Hailstorm? Sure, Want to do Fire nova and Hot Hand? Sure!

This simple change gives you full access to all three 20 point talents, no matter what build you prefer.


There’s a build I was looking that for Small Cleave that doesn’t take Stormflurry as I don’t think it has much use outside of almost pure ST but do have enough points to take the capstone talents I want + Ascendance that I wouldn’t be able to choose given your change due to the HH and SF talents swapping as I am able to bypass that node entirely.

IMO the better option would be to swap it with Sundering, as thats where all the other Stormstrike talents are as well as Swapping the places of PW and ASC at the bottom

I would be curious to see what build you are talking about.

I feel like Stormflurry is a staple skill, as it can chain off its self and is a maelstrom builder, it also causes your offhand to hit multiple times which gives Hot Hands a higher chance to proc.

Unless its changed in DF Stormflurry doesn’t proc Elemental Assault. As far as I can tell taking Stormflurry it doesn’t really increase HH procs as its based on PPM and not solely on hits and I generally find MSW generation is fine in 2+ target due to Crash passive AoE and ChainL CDR. You could argue for Stormbringer over Asc, but I never find SS to be that high in more that pure ST, number may change that for DF

Got no easy way to show it without going through every talent.

Storm Strike
Windfury + Lava Lash
Imp MW + 2x Lava Lash
Rang Mael - PLA
Sunder - Focused Maelstrom - WFT - HS - 2x EW
CrashL - IceS
2x GathStorm - CL - HH - SwirlMael
PrimWave - Feral Spirit - Asc
2x PriMMael - 2x WDWB
Splinterd - Alpha Wolf

I agree with you, storm flurry fits in almost every build and it feels less disruptive than hot hand even if you don’t go for a SS build.

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That is a very interesting build, but honestly, honestly I hope it works out for you.

This is just my opinion, I could be wrong, and hope I am

With that current build, Ascendance seems really out of place, your “stormstrike” wind attacks will feel very slow without the additional procs, and they will hault your Maelstrom build up for Icestrike/hailstorm and Frost shock.

Ascendance at this point lasts 15 seconds and Stormstrike/windstrike has a 3.5 second cooldown with no procs, so you would get a total of 4 windstrikes that are not even adding maelstrom.

and keep in mind, without Elemental Assault, your Stormstrikes are not generating maelstrom.

So your main (only) source of Maelstrom is Icestrike and Primordial Wave.

I would remove Ascendance/and Chain Lightning and add 2xElemental Assault, this would increase your maelstrom weapon twice over and increase your over all aoe dmg with Stormstrike.

MSW is generation randomly by any attack not just EA, ASC Wind strikes still do more damage then SS due to ignoring armour, ASC also has the damage on use that I’m more interested in than the actually Wind strikes it provides.

ChainL is more damage over LB in 2+ target situations right now at least.
This build is for low target cleave where the ChainL passive AoE affect would provide more then enough attacks. If MSW ended up being too slow then I’d just drop Asc for Stormbringer beneath Sundering.

Its all subject to tuning right now anyway, I was just more providing an example where swapping to talents in a tree isn’t 100% just better.

I hope your build works out for you, I really do, that is part of the beauty of this new talent tree system, there will always be a cookie cutter tree, the one that yields the most dmg overall, but it is fun to explore and discover just which one that is.

Why though? HH will be more damage over storm furry. If you are taking either PLA or Primal Power or want HH. Depending PLA on live makes out just below 100% (but you get lower CD) and Primal Power goes up to 350% damage increase.

HH is always going to be a choice with those damage increases. Lava lash will still probably be our hardest hitting spell and wouldn’t make since to not grab something that will buff it.

I’m not talking about damage but gameplay. However, If you don’t take lavalash modifiers, HH will lose a lot of damage, since most Lavalash damage windows come from HH proccing. If for example I want to play a SS build with ascendance, why would I want HH? Most of my damage comes from SS and wind strike spam, even If I get HH proc during ascendance or doomwinds windows, Ill prob not use it.

Storm flurry is more versatile, you can’t take it if you want, because you have the other right side of the tree where you get frost and fire extra damage. Also I’m not Nostradamus to tell you what is gonna get play in pvp, but a low chance proc ability that needs uptime like HH, would never get chose over Stormflurry. Changing the position of those talents it’s a good idea and will benefit most builds.


Here is an idea. How about they just give us access to all the crap and then we can just play.

You are treating this like the game is going to be balanced around the abilities in the trees. They have no clue what they are doing. hence why SL sucked and tuning was practically non existent. The only real way to balance the xpac is to give access to everything then cut back on the crap that is making numbers go higher than what they want. Without full access something will be stronger with nerfs and buffs and different paths will be used accordingly. Just give full access then start cutting back from there that way everything still is in play.

I have been looking at this tree since it has come out, looking for different specs, and based on the live servers, I realized Hot Hand would be pointless in an Ice Strike build, so Hot Hand would be an absolute talent waste at that point.

Without selecting Hothand, you are now limited to only 2 of the trees, you could take the gathering storms talent but that is also just as bad and doesn’t help a any single target builds.

Hot hand shoudn’t be where it is. At the very least, stormflury should switch places with it. Ideally hot hand would move over with the other lava lash stuff.

I concur, the problem is getting a Blizz dev to recognize the change and then going to the right team to implement it.

So if anyone knows a dev that can get them to look at this post, that would be much appreciated.

Blizzard has been pretty active iterating on some of the other trees. The shaman trees were relatively well received so they presumably have focused less energy on changing them but hopefully we will see some tree reworking at some point. They may just be collecting feedback and digesting it while addressing what they see as more pressing/concerning issues like the negative reception of the hunter trees.

Personally, I’m still really hoping to see another easier path to spirit walk. Gonna suck to skip a root break/sprint as a melee. And spending 4 points on filler stuff to get to spirit walk is a heavy and seemingly inappropriate/unnecessary cost for something so fundamental.


I hear what you are saying about the shaman tree being well received, just hopefully they also acknowledge that it still needs a few minor tweaks.

My fear is that they are only paying attention to the Alpha “Feedback: Shaman” posts and not these ones, and since we can not post in that thread, it would require one of them to see this and either link to it, or copy and paste it in those forums.

I would think that, as designers, they’d be interested in seeing the feedeback on the regular forums. Particularly during the design phase. They may not be reading every post, but presumably enough to get a flavor for what’s being said here anyway.

p.s. bunch of nerfs to shaman talents in this week’s build.

I would hope so as well, like I said, just a fear, there are lots of great ideas floating around these forums, mine included, and since I do not have access to the alpha forums, I can not spread my word there lol

Also, there are quite a few Enhancement things in that thread and none of them have been addressed. Hopefully what they’re trying to do is get Elemental in a good state before Enhancement, as Elemental has gotten quite a few iterations whereas Enhancement has only gotten one (the initial release).

If we get no iterations plus the nerfs to our base tree. Well, who wants to have a good reveal? That just means if anything you’re getting nerfed with no good changes.

I just hope they did not take the initial feedback of “WoW the Enhancement tree looks good” as a “well, we did our job!” and they actually pay attention to some of these posts.