A simple bot solution

A lot of the bots on the non high pop servers come there specifically to farm lotus then ship it off to the high pop servers to sell for more gold than they would get on the low pop servers. Even the eagle eye spamming gold sellers that aren’t bots do this too, so here is a simple solution that should protect at least the low to medium population servers from the bots hacking and stealing all their lotus. Make it so a toon with lotus in its inventory or bank can’t server transfer or at the very least make it so they can’t transfer unless they are level 60, this will greatly hinder the gold sellers as their main source of gold is stealing lotus from the low to medium population servers and moving it to the high population servers. We know you can do it, you made it so people can’t transfer with scarab fragments so it should be no problem to make it so they can’t transfer with lotus.

hehe I know which server OP is concerned about…get your lotus farmers off our lawn!

I’m sure we’re not the only server that is having problems with them.

Here is the solution: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/fix-flyteleport-hacking-now

The solution is demanding things from Blizzard? That solves nothing. That makes a TON of assumptions (things you pretend to know, but don’t know):

(1) This flying hack looks the same everywhere – even the server reports that this fictional character’s location is “in the air” and their speed is “flying speed”.

(2) Blizzard can find and reproduce this situation.

(3) Blizzard can fix (prevent) this situation.

(4) Blizzard doesn’t fix it because they aren’t motivated.

(5) Players demanding a fix will motivate them.

If all of these assumptions are true, then your claim is true. If any of these claims aren’t true, then your “solution” fixes nothing.

How much gold are you getting paid for your psy op campaign?

That makes sense. If this is really happening, that’s a good idea.

This doesn’t assume we can distinguish gold-sellers from other players. It makes realm-transferring Black Lotus illegal for everyone.