[A] Silver Lions Seeking casual players

Silver Lions are recruiting
fellow casual players.
Who due to life may…Or may not have as much time to commit to game play.
We seek fun, and friendly people,who
are playing for sheer enjoyment of the
classic wow experience.
People that know that who you spend in
game time with is the what makes the
game memorable.

So who are the Silver Lions?
We are small guild of older casual players ,
that are enjoying classic wow a second time
We do scheduled dungeons runs and are very active on weekends
with UBRS runs on Sunday evenings.
We have also have made a few guild alliances along the way to
help with questing and pick up dungeons.

If this sounds appealing and suits your style
play, please feel free to contact us.

Or me in discord Lyonell#2888

Till then,nothing but crits and epic drops!


Bumping this; if you’re interested in joining the Silver Lions, you can also contact Saristin or Lisse in-game.