[A] <Shiden> recruiting for Raiding/Community/PvP

Guild Name: Shiden
Realm: Whitemane [A]
Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday - 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST


We need healers as the priority. We have most of MT/OT situation settled and are also looking for back ups and Fury Warriors that want to tank in later phases. Our transfer also freed up a few roster slots, so reach out if you’re interested.


  • Able to commit to the raid times and make them with relative certainty
  • Good attitude with the ability to stay chill even when wiping
  • Know your class, what to bring to raid, and when to get serious
  • Discord available for voice comms


Guild focused on raiding and pvp. We run Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm until 11pm EST. The priority right now is building a strong group of people, not just randoms who get gear together. To that end, we are striving to strike the balance between a group of people who have fun and a strong guild that shows up and gets stuff done. We have a lot of retail experience and a decent amount of Vanilla/pserver experience. The plan is to be consistently raiding throughout Classic and clear Naxx as an ambitious goal.


Loot Council with supplemental rolls in an effort to keep the gear flowing in a balanced manner between all members with some exceptions (particularly legendary drops, main tank gearing, etc). e.g. “X, Y, and Z roll for this drop”. The consideration for drops will be based on effort, attendance, performance, and what will push us forward as a guild the best. We want it to be clear that if you are new to the group and show up, you have a shot at loot. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to show up consistently and be rewarded for it.


We expect members to show up and be ready to start pulling by 8pm. That means at the raid, consumables on your person – not begging for enchants or summons. Get your drinks, tell your kids you love them, tranquilize the dog. We start on time because we respect the time of our members. Beyond that, we expect people to show up to most nights. Life happens. That’s fine – take nights off, don’t burn out. We just want a reliable and dependable group of people.


If you’re looking for “hardcore raiders who grew up and are now kind of casual but still not” then this is the group for you. What it’s not about is bringing in elitists that fester a bad attitude. It’s about growing together as a group and figuring these things out. No ego. No bull. Let’s have a good time and get it done.

Classes in Demand

  • Warrior, Healer - High
  • Mage, Warlock- Medium
  • Hunter, Rogue - Low


Discord: JediSange#1982
BattleNet: Sange#1922
Character name: Sange

Interested? Send me a message or post here. Discord is preferred method of communication.

This got tied to my old character from Whitemane, so now I can’t seem to edit or flag it for deletion. Sorry for the trouble, but please ignore.

To be clear: Character name on Smolderweb is “Jedisange” but can’t delete/edit this post because of a bug with my character transfer.

Could you use a mage and hunter. Were not geared enough for bwl but are looking for MC/ZG/Ony

Hey – Add me on Discord at JediSange#1982 and let’s talk!