[A] <Seven Deadly Sins> (US 114) Looking for all

(Seven Deadly Sins) (12/12M NYA 8/8M EP 9/9M BOD)** is a progression guild with an active community of teams that focuses on pushing Mythic raid content and Mythic+.

Mythic Teams:

>Team Pride< (12/12M):
Three-day hardcore main team, led by former US Top 50 raiders, looking to push Cutting Edge every tier as quickly as possible.

  • Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thu 8:30pm-1130pm EST/Stormrage Server Time

  • Previous Tier Rankings:

    • N’Zoth the Corruptor (M): US 114

    • Queen Azshara (M): US 242

    • Lady Jaina Proudmoore (M): US 469

  • Recruitment:

    • Open Recruitment

>Team Sloth< (10/12M):
Two-day semi-casual team, led by former Cutting Edge players, that has been raiding since BoD.

  • Raid Times: Tue/Sun 9pm-12am EST

  • Recruitment:

    • Warrior (High)
    • Warlock
    • All exceptional DPS

>Team Gluttony< (7/12M):
Two-day semi-hardcore team established at the start of Ny’alotha.

  • Raid Times: Wed/Thu 9pm-12am EST/Stormrage Server Time (Tue Optional Heroic)

  • Recruitment:

    • Open Recruitment

>Team Envy< (5/12M):
Newest late-night, two-day team and still recruiting for this tier, with plans to build into a Cutting Edge team for Shadowlands.

  • Raid Times: Thu/Fri 11PM-2AM EST/Stormrage Server Time (Sat Optional Heroic)

  • Recruitment:

    • Open Recruitment

Please feel free to visit each team’s WoWProgress page for more details about the specific team.

Those interested in mythic plus or just to join our community can contact our GM Nuklang or any of our officers for an invite.

Guild Master: Nuklang – Hoshiko#11253
Co-GM: Astarael - Ovenchicken#1952
Recruiting Officer: Jeal - Jeal#11253

Team Gluttony is still looking for Mele Dps

Still in the need for DPS for all teams. Add me up Jeal#11253

Team Envy still in search of DPS.

Team Pride= Needs 1 or 2 more good dps
Team Sloth= Needs 1 Warlock. They will be 8/12 Mythic this Sunday
Team Gluttony= Needs some good DPS both melee and range.
Team Envy= Needs a DK,DH,Warlock,mage dps

Team Envy looking for DPS.

Good morning still need good dps for all teams add me up would love to talk to you .

Bumpidy bump

Team Sloth killed Ra-den Last night. They are in need of a Warlock DPS

Bean bumps

Team Envy still is looking for a few more good dps add me Jeal#11253 so we can talk.


Team Gluttony is looking for:

Demon Hunter
Shadow Priest
Fire Mage

Any other capable players with the mindset and skills to push CE.

Vexiona dies this week!

Team Pride 12/12 Mythic is looking for a Ret pally, Boomkin,Rogue or any other great dps.

Team Sloth (9/12M) moseying along

Still Looking for DPS for all team Add me up so we can talk.

Team Sloth is now 10/12 Mythic.

All teams are still looking for Great dps. Add me so we can chat Jeal#11253.