(A) Seriously Casual Recruiting exceptional players

SC is a semi-hardcore guild focused on the community, efficient clearing, and pvp. We have alot of experience in this guild as well as some top rated pvpers. We are currently one of the top Alliance guilds and are very active with World Bosses. We are currently seeking 2 disc/holy Priests and a few more exceptional dps to round out our rosters.

Current Raid TImes:
Sunday/Monday 7:00pm PST
Tues/Wed 7:00pm PST

Please message Pro if you have any questions! We encourage server xfers to apply with us as we are very fair with our loot system and value great attitudes highly!

what time do you guys raid?

Are you swapping to alliance bro?

Bump, still looking for some friends

rogues, priests, hunter and stuff

hit us up

exceptional players


Bump! Still recruiting 2 Priests and we are always looking for competitive warriors/rogues/mages to trial :slight_smile:

Bump! We are recruiting 2 priests, a paladin, and a big damn warrior to round out our core! If you are a competitive and talented player we will always trial you!