(A) <Send it> Mythic Weekend Team. Sat/Sun 9pm-12am EST

< Send it > Weekend Team is a new team in the Send it family. Our goal is to provide a competitive raid environment with a fun atmosphere. We are a small guild with a lot of potential. Extremely organized, active with clear goals looking to step up our game as we move forward into each raid tier. We are looking for players interested in joining a team for the long term, who value good relationships, competition, and team work.

Send it!

  • SAT 9pm-12am EST
  • SAT 9pm-12am EST
                      **Current Progression**
        Currently raiding fated raids 2 days until DF release

                     **Current raid team needs:**
                    > Tanks: OPEN
                      > Looking for Healer: OPEN
                        > DPS: Will consider all dps applicants at any time!

   **Application: (less than 2 mins, Expect a reply in under 48hrs)**

                     From every applicant we expect:
  • Ability to prove past performance. (Warcraft logs) Preferred Mythic xp
  • Deep knowledge of their spec/class.
  • Preparedness for every raid.
  • High raid attendance. (90%+)
  • Communication with the team via Discord. (Working mic)
  • Respect towards members and leaders of the community!

                              **Guild Contacts:**
            Phil (Manager/Recruiter) Discord = Filthyphil#6087
             Solar (Raid leader) discord = Solar#5382

                                Just Send it!

Filling quick. High need on ranged DPS and a healer

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