[A] Saurfang <Perth Guild> 8/9N LF Heals

Hey everyone,

<Perth Guild> is an Alliance PVE based guild located on US-Oceanic Saurfang server. We are an older guild with mature players, however welcome all like-minded individuals to share the same common purpose: Aiming to progress as far as possible, and having a great time doing it!

We currently raid Monday and Wednesday nights from 9 pm Perth time (GMT+8 for those of you around the globe). Currently we have reached 8/9 in Normal BoD after 2 weeks, and anticipate Jaina (progression wipes @6%), and anticipate her departing for the twisting nether shortly in due course, before moving on to Heroic content. We also have several groups running mythic+ keys every week, if that is also your flavour, and also welcome casuals to the guild, as creating an enjoyable and positive community for all, is what we are about.

Currently we are looking for a healer to add to our existing raid team which is bursting at the seams with 22+ raiders showing up for our raid nights. Ideally calling out for a resto druid or mistweaver monk to fit in really well with out current mix of talent, but would welcome all who may answer our call.

Those interested will be met with an existing team since the start of BFA that achieved AOTC in Uldir, with the expectation of achieving the same result for each tier of content - depending on performance, will be happy to consider mythic raiding, should we reach that in our current format.

We fit the bill for late night raiders outside of Perth and beyond, with respect for those with kids, furbabies and other obligations. We have a great mix of people from around the globe, and have also found some early morning risers from the USA to join in on our fun, games and banter!

If you feel our guild may be the right home for you, hit me up by contacting me below in-game or on discord for a chat to find out more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch guys! #’)

Shivalry: heyuindabush#1818 (btag) shivshivshiv#7251 (discord)
Stholy: stholy#1945 (btag) stholy - Deliverer of Weapons#3948 (discord)