[A] [Sargeras] <Vigil> 12/12M Semi-Hardcore LFM

snowed just last week for me… I suppose now that’s it’s nonstop rain are we finally in Spring?

Tacos or burritos?

I prefer burritos, nice and soft like Ilyanas overall attitude towards me.

Still looking for more. Keep those apps coming people.

Apps? I wouldn’t mind a nap. Haha, get it.

nope, not at all

Someone go get me some Taco Bell

taco bell is what you eat when you want to punish yourself

Could use a few more talented applicants!

must have gamon’s braid to join

Could use another solid healer for our core. Must be able to keep tanks alive through mythrax beams.

lf achievement hunter rival/partner

Having tacos for dinner bois

I’m more of a burrito person

I knew you were into that :kissing_heart:

you know me so well :monkey_face:

Sorry is that a monkey emoji?

yea I figured it’s a good representation of myself

I respect you, you’re more than a monkey.

what emoji would you choose to describe yourself