[A] [Sargeras-US]<Crusaders of the Lance> LF Members to Start Heroic and Mythic Raiding

Hello! is a new guild with founding players that have played the game since Vanilla. We are friendly, skillful and a guild seeking to make the most of BfA before Shadowlands, and to keep going into the expansions to come. As some of the players are just returning to the game after various amounts of hiatus, we have members of different levels of experience in the current state of the game, though there are numbers of us that have 12/12H experience as well as some bosses in Mythic. The guild itself has full cleared Normal, and will be stepping into Heroic soon.

We are looking for members to join who wish to join in this progression as well as community to complete Heroic and eventual complete as much of Mythic as is possible before Shadowlands. For our current team, our raid times are as follows:
Friday/Saturday 9pmESt(2100)-10:30pmEST(2230) we will be doing a normal raid/fun run/alt run. Our Heroic Raiding (and eventual mythic raiding) will be on Friday/Saturday 11pmEST(2300)-1amEST(0100). However, we have hopes and aspirations to eventually have more than one raid team/time, and hope to expand the roster of raiders, raid leads and the like.

We are a PvE focused guild, doing Mythic+s at various levels throughout the week, though there are members who also have a hungering for PvP.

We are seeking all forms of Heals and DPS right now for the main raid team, however all roles are welcome in order to build a roster. Feel free to post here, or message me on BattleNet (Kaletheblind#1171).

Thank you for taking time to read this post!