[A] [Sargeras] <FORGE> [CE CN], [7/10M SOD] - Looking for a DPS

FORGE is a three day raiding guild that has achieved CE multiple times and has been raiding together for many, many expansions. Currently in need of a few new recruits for Sanctum of Domination to spice up the competition. Looking for competitive players who want to climb ranks as a group.

Updated Class Needs:


  • Resto Shaman
  • Disc Priest
  • Venthyr Paladin

Ranged DPS:

  • Open to competition

Melee DPS:

  • Demon Hunter (immediate)
  • Open to competition


Raid Days/Times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 7:30PM-10:30PM CST

All new recruits are expected to make 100% attendance. Raid consumable and repairs are provided by the guild.

Outside of raid, we have a pretty healthy and active community. M+, alt / sales runs, PvP and even group to play other games.

If you are interested in applying with us please visit ^http://www.guildsofwow.com/forge/ and fill out the application form. If you have questions please hit me up for further details.
CONTACT - Bnet Tag: Eyecee#1917 /// Discord: Eyecee#8594


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