[A] [Sargeras] 1/9M LF Ranged DPS <Thirteen Orphans>

<Thirteen Orphans>

We’re a fun and inclusive guild looking to give players a place to call home!
We’re looking for active players who are looking for a great place to meet new people, run M+, achievement farm, PvP, raid, and even play games outside of WoW!

We’re also growing our team of streamers and content creators who can help each other collaborate and grow!

Our Raids

[Mythic Raid] - (Looking for Ranged DPS high prio: Flex Priest/Evoker and Warlock
Our Mythic team raids from 7-10pm Pacific time on Tuesday/Wednesday and is currently 1/9M. Looking for a few more ranged dps to fill out our roster!

[AOTC Raid] - (Currently rebuilding)
Our AOTC team raids from 7-10pm Pacific time on Tuesday/Wednesday.
With the hype of DF dying down, we’re back to recruiting to find raiders who will stick around after new expansion launches :slight_smile:

Our Guild

[Future Plans for Dragonflight]
We’re looking to build and grow our community so we can have an amazing place for people to find groups, raid, run keys, and explore the new content together!
We want to expand the activities we do as a guild, such as weekly RBG nights and more!

Where to find us

Check out our Discord, Stream team, and Website!




If you are interested in joining either one of our raiding teams, you can apply on our website: https://www.13orphansguild.com/

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at:
Discord - Gokiburi#2605
Btag - Gokiburi#11202

Mages… where are you hiding?!

Looking for Flex Priest/Evoker and a warlock!