[A] <Safe Haven> Casual/Social/Raiding Guild is Recruiting!

Currently recruiting for Safe Haven – an environment built around Casual gameplay, Social interaction, a Family/Friend-oriented atmosphere and the ability to play when you want; how you want. We are catered to everyone who values those ideals – young or old, new players or the experienced; if you’re looking for a new place to call home, you’re welcome here.

Safe Haven, a place of safety or refuge. “And thus it gives the impression of being a safe haven to which we may retreat from the unpredictability and limitlessness of experience.” That’s the mantra. To be able to log-in and have fun in a toxic-free, mature, adult environment and just play how you want to play, while making new friends along the way.

About the guild - Safe Haven was a formed on the launch of Classic WoW. We are a Casual/Socially focused guild. The guild is catered to the older, mature crowd & working adults with real life commitments.

Raiding Culture - We are a casual/socially focused guild who raids and not just a raiding guild that raids casually. Our identity is important, so if you want an environment that includes everyone, helps everyone grow together and works as a team to accomplish goals for the guild, and have fun doing it, then you have found the right place. After just 5 weeks of raiding we have downed 9 of 10 MC bosses and have slain Onyxia.

Whether we down a boss or wipe, we will pick ourselves back up and try it again without assigning blame in any particular area. We want our raids to be fun and stress free. We also encourage people who haven’t raided before to try raiding with us as we plan to be patient and help those who need help in different areas. Just like anything, repetition will make us better and the more attempts at bosses, the better we will get at downing them which in turn improves our chances at attempting multiple bosses in our allotted time frame per week. We will work together and stay true to what we are.

What we will do - We’ll help others through quests, dungeons or crafting. We’ll provide a place where no question is a dumb question. A place that will act like a home away from home. If you want to be a part of this guild but still raid with other guilds or pug groups , then that’s fine as well. The bottom line is enjoy yourself. This guild will be what it is: Casual & Socially focused and everything we do after that will be a huge plus.

This is not an RP guild, however if you choose to participate in RP then enjoy! I like RP realms because the community I feel is a lot more welcoming.

We have players on at all hours, so the time zone is insignificant!

About me – I played WoW from late Vanilla until about mid-2010. Family life was getting more hectic for me – wife, kids, work, and all the chaos that goes along with all those! – that I had to take a break. When I heard that Classic WoW was on the horizon, I re-subscribed and haven’t looked back since. I joined Safe Haven before launch and have been a member since Day 1. The original GM, Tarron, recently had to step down and he asked me (his Co-GM at the time) to take over the role of Guild Master. I graciously accepted, and plan to continue to the vision he had for Safe Haven, a fun, friendly guild of people helping each other accomplish great things!

Environment- No racism, bigotry, or hate filled rhetoric will be tolerated. Period. Respectful, clean guild chat.

Recruitment- Open to any class & any spec. I put more stock in the person behind the keyboard then the character/class you are playing. Some of my most memorable dungeon runs were with people whose specs weren’t considered optimal. Also, although I have formed this guild to cater to the graybeards and elder stateswomen of WoW, anyone who is interested, young or old will be considered if they fit the mold, and their family members. We are friendly and welcoming to anyone, regardless of gender race, color creed, religion, or gender identification. No huge application process, just a conversation.

While we are actively recruiting new members who want to be a part of a helpful, family style environment, but who also want to raid as well in a laid-back relaxed format. Since we have a sizable group that wants to progress down the raiding path, we are interested in bolstering our currently group. So, if Safe Haven sounds good, but you are concerned about be able to raid, don’t! And if raiding’s not you’re thing…then we’ve got you covered, too! We have many folks who don’t participate in raids, but find our guild family, a great place to be. And all our of members – raiders and non-raiders alike – are welcome at our regularly scheduled social events!

We don’t have a guild website, so we actively use Discord and Guild chat.

I’m sure I have forgot to mention something so if you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to ask. Please reach out to me if this is a guild you would be interested in not only joining but helping build into a great gaming home. I look forward to playing with you all and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I can be contacted in-game on Dynel, or my alt Thelgrym. You can also contact my Officers, (Tsu, Edsel, Arturis, Moxie, Prill, Teneight, and Bindi). Please feel free to contact one of us at your earliest convenience and let’s talk!

I spoke with Holymolius quite a bit today regarding your guild and am very interested. My wife is a Priest healer and I a hunter, I work 1PM-9PM (CST) (no set days off) and we are interested in getting back into classic. Your guild seemed like a pretty good fit and Holymolius was quite helpful in answering all the little bits I had to ask them. Please add: SleepyBear#18489 so I can possibly speak with someone after I get off of work tonight! Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you.

Hey, I’ve been leveling my Hunter consistently and aim to be level 60 within a week or two. My guild is cool but their a little too rp intensive for me and don’t have many 60’s to form a raid. I played WoW casually up till cataclysm but never raided, and seeing your post made me perk up. I want to join a guild that can show me the ropes of raiding and show patience for someone who never raided before but is willing to work hard to learn and do independent research. I just want a good group of people to start raiding with to experience all of the great end game content people have been boasting about.

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