[A] Saddle Club (Frostmourne) 10/10M - LFM

Saddle Club is a semi-hardcore Mythic Progression, Cutting Edge focused guild.

We are currently10/10M looking for a few more players to fill the roster out and clear farm until 9.2 (Whenever that is).

Raid nights are Wed/Thur/Mon 7-10 Server Time

We are currently recruiting any exceptional players but are ideally seeking :
(Any Spec)

Healer(s) - Disc - Mistweaver - Holy

Melee: - Warrior - Enhancement

Range - Elemental - Spriest -

Any other specs feel free to enquire if you’re at all interested, after good players regardless of the spec.

To express interest in joining or if you’re looking for more information contact
Battlenet - obzolo#6502
Discord - obzolo#0132

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Love the guild name xD

Thanks knowing the full saddle club theme is mandatory for raiders to excel here. Please keep this in mind.

I thought there were so many hunters and mages around…where are they ? :smiley:
bump to the top

All the FoTM Hunters have re-rolled already since the patch

Will take any pumper DPS regardless of class even if they aren’t a light green or light blue class. : )

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for visibility

for visibility x2

Still looking for a few DPS - Boomy/Hunters/Rogue especially but any others feel free to enquire.

Still looking for the above dps spots

LF Experienced Tank -

Need a hero tank pls

Im a 215 prot war from frostmourne who rerolled to mage and regretted it. I got aotc and ksm on my mage then realised I should have stuck to tanking. Wanting to do actual content rather than get bored of the tier. Ive started gearing my main up again either to jump into mythic this tier or the next. Let me know if you’re interested, happy for yall to check my logs.

220 brew 226BDK 210vengence 7/10M stopped raiding a few month back due to times . Got CE nzoth last tier looking for a new raid team for this tier or next

Bnet - wreckit#11608

Looking for a couple healers for 9.1

After a Holy Pally or Disc Priest and a Restoration Druid.

A warlock would also be nice

Need disc or holy paladin :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Moving to 9.1 Looking for:
Healers -
Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk
Disc/Holy Priest or Holy Paladin.

1x Mage
Any other skilled ranged feel free to also enquire.

Bump bump lots of them

Currently After:

Tank(s) -


Healer(s) -
Restro Druid/Mistweaver

If you aren’t any of these specific classes feel free to enquire and add me on battlenet and we can discuss it from there.