[A] <Sacred Flame> 8/8 BWL recruiting

Hello there,

Sacred Flame is a casual raiding guild that works hand in hand with our raiding allies in Ironforge Mercenaries to bring the horrors that plague this world to heel. We are a guild that was formed on day 1 of the server being created and have created a tight knit community where those that seek to learn and improve are welcome - regardless of your background.

We are currently recruiting a level 60 rogue that is interested in raiding with us. Our alliance raids Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8 PM ET. You don’t have to be BiS to be a candidate.

We are looking for someone that enjoys playing the game first and foremost and sees loot as a side effect of having fun and working together with other like minded folks. We don’t emphasize clear times, nor do we threaten to remove you from the raid if you make a mistake. We are all here to learn and improve together.

If this sounds like the raiding environment you’re interested in, give me a whisper on Shimazu. You can also reach out to some of our officers (Proske, Pachumaul) if I am not around.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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