[A] <Sacred Crusade> 3/8M recruiting for Mythic Raiding & M+ Keys in 10.1

Hello fellow humans!

SACRED CRUSADE are currently looking for Mythic Raiders and M+ Key lovers to build our digital community on Nagrand / Cael / Saurfang.


We currently looking for people wanting to raid Mythic in 10.1. Open to all roles as our players lock in what they’re playing for next tier.
We’d like to push harder into Mythic this tier, so after people with like minds.

If you’re looking for a team next tier, get in touch.

We are currently 3/8M VOI.

Raiding Monday & Thursday 8.30 AEST.

TBC 10.01

If you’re not wanting to raid, or get your AOTC and chill doing keys, we’re looking for you :slight_smile: We are looking for key tanks to bolster our M+ community; but healers & DPS also don’t be afraid of reaching out.

Our mantra towards gaming is we like to have fun, have a laff, but also get it done.
We are looking to collect souls of like-minded skill & attitude. Experience is preferred, but not required.

We are a LGBTQIA+ friendly space. We ask all members respect each other in public spaces, and keep this a safe space for people to come and game with their friends.

Add my btag Notyetfamous#1209 or discord Opekun#3858 for a chat.

See you on the Isles!

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Would love an Enchance Shammy!

I am a 5/8H 395ilevel enhance, what time do your raids end usually?

Hey Ethyl,

11pm. If people are feeling inspired and we’re close to downing a boss, we may got a little over.

Looking for Rogue, Death Knight for Mythic raids :slight_smile:

Still looking for Melee DPS - DK, DH, ROgue, Enhance :slight_smile:

Ping for a DH & R DPS :slight_smile:

hello internet /wave

ping for DH & RDPS. Progressing on Sennarth :slight_smile:

Ping - still LF a DH. Also recruiting for our new Weekend Team

LF MT & DPS to fill out roster.
Also a healer to replace our flexi-heals!
Bnet Notyetfamous#1209
Disc Opekun#3858

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