[A-RP/PvX] History is hiring fast! M+ Keys, Rated PvP, Light RP, and now on a schedule!

To the top for a few hours!

Thursday night!

Morning bump again!

Good evening bump!

Anyone watching Saturday morning cartoons?

I watched Futurama aaaaaaaall day!

And another one!

Back for the night crowd!

Okay, now everyone in Stormwind is sick. This is why we wear masks smh my head

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Evening bump again, it probably won’t stop.

It’s popped up three times for me and I decided to read through it, honestly the description is hilarious. It reminds me of some of the supplements I was forced to watch in my classes (see the early product of Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Home from the mid 90s). It leads you on a winding path full of amazing expectations only for you to feel slightly less informed by the end of the presentation. I love it.


Honestly when I wrote it I had no idea what I was doing nor what any of it means, and yeah, you’re right, the more I try to learn, the less I seem to really understand.

Which is kind of a daily occurrence for me, but you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Evening bump!

I slept all night for the first time in months and I feel great.

something’s wrong

And I stayed up all day and I didn’t nap halfway through it.

really it’s super weird

Drink water daily!

And nightly!

Maintenance bump!

Friday Night Magic–I mean bump!

Up for the night crowd!