[A-RP] Void Elf Discord - The Ashen Sun Accord

Void Elf Discord available to all Thalassian and Non-Thalassian Roleplayers. MG-A focused. More details and links below.

IC Synopsis:
The freshly built Ren’dorei settlement, Thalas’din Ren, is looking for those seeking to live among their kin, fight under a united banner, or continue their research into the void from a comfortable home. Stop living like a refugee and apply for citizenship today! The docks are also open to travelers and visitors from across the Alliance, regardless of species.

OOC Synopsis:
TASA was formed in November of 2018 and has survived as one of the longest-running void elf groups on Moon Guard, but we have reshaped it into an inclusive community discord where everyone can join. This is a social network and RP hub for Void Elves, but we are working on a variety of community projects and will host server-wide events.

Who Can Join?
We have included methods for people to have their Void or High elf characters live in Thalas’din Ren In Character regardless if they are in a guild or not, essentially making them official members of the accord. For OOC event advertisements and networking, anyone may join the discord.

What We Offer:

  • A Roleplay Hub outside of Stormwind with documents to help characters write out living on the isle
  • Void Elf Roleplay Guide in the works due to the limited amount of lore provided by the game’s introductory quest
  • Server events about every 1-2 months
  • Job-Board and Rumor Mill to find roleplay with ease
  • More future projects to come

How Do I Get More Involved?
Apply for citizenship and our magical (Consumed)/military (Voidsworn) if your character would like to provide that kind of support. This will enable additional roleplay opportunities and events that will be tied specifically to these ranks. Networking features and server events will not be locked by citizenship.

Discord: https://discord.gg/SnuBtvP
Website (WIP): https://tinyurl.com/TASA-Site
MG Wiki Page (WIP): https://moon-guard.fandom.com/wiki/Ashen_Sun_Accord
In-Game Community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/eXlNK3MhOJp?region=US&faction=Alliance


Best of luck to you guys! I hope you thrive. It’s nice to see ren’dorei themed RP kicking off.

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You guys active ?

Yes, a fairly active and growing community. Increasingly active as we grow more participants.