[A-RP] <The Silver Vanguard> High Elf Military RP. Two Years Old!

The Silver Vanguard is still recruiting and better than ever! Join the great armies of the Quel’dorei as we march upon the enemies of the Alliance!


Fun time to be around! Except for when they poison the watering hole. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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We didn’t poison it! The trolls did!

The Silver Covenant vanquishes! Join us as we fight or the future of the Quel’dorei against our new enemies in the Horde, and our Ancient enemies in the Amani Empire!


The Silver Covenant stands for the Alliance! Glory to the Quel’dorei!


Fantastic guild to be apart of! Come join us, we have regular guild events and Captain Evervale’s delightful cooking!


For the light of the sun and the soil of Quel’Thalas, we stand.

For the stones laid by our ancestors, we stand.

For the honor of the living, and the honor of the dead, we stand.

For the days that have passed and the days yet to come, we stand.

For Quel’Thalas.

For the Alliance.

For the oaths we swore.

We stand.


The Silver Covenant fights for the glory and protection of all Quel’dorei!


Very belated, but welcome back, Silver Vanguard.

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Thanks Vandromath! Great to see you!

The Silver Vanguard lays waste to Zul’Aman!


eyes the lone green guy in the sea of blue
One of these things is not like the other.

One of these things just doesn’t belong.
Can you tell me which thing, is not like the other?

…The pet she summoned was wrong >_>


I’ve been enjoying these screens. Nice seeing old zones being used again.

Maybe they wanted to be different and have a green one. >_>

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We call those ‘Blood Elves.’

For real though, I’ve been getting a ton of fun using all these exotic locales too. I’d love for Allerian Stronghold to become a place that sees a lot of RP. We use it as a proxy for our guild base. And Terokkar for the surrounding areas.


Update: Watering hole has been cleansed and is no longer poisoned. Clean drinking water for everyone! :partying_face:

A lit guild regardless. Very enjoyable. :sparkling_heart:


The honor of Quel’Thalas is preserved in the Alliance. Join us today to fight for the future of all Thalassians!

The future of Quel’Thalas lies with the Quel’dorei, as it always has! Not with the Sin’dorei!

I’ll never understand why so many High Elf RP Guilds are crazy about Quel’Thalas…

Well, I suppose the answer is the same both IC and OOC. We really, REALLY, REALLY disagree with the decision to have Quel’Thalas be a part of the Horde. We prefer being allies of the Alliance, so it’s a constant thorn in our side, both that Blizzard made the decision to give one of our favorite fantasy races to a faction which had been historic enemies with it, and that our people essentially decided to throw us away because we would not get on board with the at-the-time evil actions of the Blood Elves.


Kind of ignores the fact that most Alliance High Elves chose exile. Plenty had lives and families in Alliance lands already.

Kind of sad to see the Silver Covenant, a group of Dalaran High Elves, care so much about Quel’Thalas when, logically, they never had enough love for it to begin with, as to live there.