[A-RP] <The Silver Vanguard> High Elf Military RP. 'Glory to the Quel'dorei!'

Join the Vanguard today! We have,

A floating base of operations, see the world!
Regularly scheduled training sessions and missions!
Delicious meals designed to keep your body young and in peak physical condition in the form of hardtack and Evervale Corn!

Find our banner and talk to an officer today!


I’ll be contacting someone! This is right up my alley!

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We’ll be reaching out to you, Roedyn! :smiley:

The Silver Vanguard is taking a recruitment pause to spend some quality time with out current members~ <3 Please feel free to continue to RP with us around town! Any applicants, we will get back to soon.

Fantastic to see things going well for the Silver Vanguard!

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Recruitment is OPEN AGAIN! WHOO!

Hey there.
I am very interested in Racial Guilds.
I am very curious about your guild policies.

1 - do you recruit only elves?
2 - if so, both Void Elves and High Elves alike?
3 - how’s the recruitment part? I love my dwarf, but I am looking for a new alt until Dragonflight! I can be up to anything as long as it is a racial guild.

I never had problems before like drama or OOC bad behaviour. I am also a fast-learner and I am willing to be a good member of your guild. Thank you in advance.

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Heya Thuras. Thanks for your interest. Glad to see people interested in high Elves. Let’s answer some questions.

1: Yup. We recruit High elves and half-elves, but that’s it. The leader of the Silver Covenant has Half-elf children so, we would kind of be hypocrites if we didn’t allow them.
2: Sorry, it’s just High Elves and Half-elves. While I can see the appeal for Void Elves, I feel like a big part of our appeal is our High Elf-only stance, as we ARE a High elf guild and people come to us looking for that specific experience. And I’d rather not change that.
3: Recruitment is simple. Just meet on of our members in game, and they’ll direct you to an Officer for an In-Character interview. We’ll get to know your character and if all is well, then we’ll get you in after swearing our Oath.

I’m pleased to say that we have a very happy and tight-knit community here. We love welcoming new folks and making them feel welcome. Part of the family. And it’s a one in a million thing that I just feel lucky enough to be a part of. I hope that answers your questions, Thuras.

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You did!

I will be looking to meet you soon.

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Make love, not war!


You’re thinking inside the Box, Emberfiend.

We could easily make both.

OR, and hear me out, make muffins and have them delivered to the doorsteps of your enemies :heartbeat:

But won’t the Orcs be confused when a dead Orc stuffed with fresh-baked Muffins appears on their doorstep? Seems like a funny way to declare war.

Got tons of RP scenarios coming up, so join us tooddayy! <3

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High, I never see you online. T_T Do you have a Disc?

I’m on every day! But you can DM me at Dredful#0391

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Sadly my subs will expire in a few days but I will renew it! Thank you. I am interested.


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Glad to see you guys up and around still.

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The Spirit of Quel’Thalas endures. To the Sin’dorei who seek to be free of Lor’themar’s dictatorial power, we invite you to renounce the path of Blood, and return to the heritage of Children of Noble Birth.