[A-RP] <The Red Dawn> - Light/Holy RP Guild

A flyer bearing a crimson phoenix could be seen posted in various spots around the city. The Order of the Red Dawn seeks more of the faithful to join our ranks. Whether you be a humble Clergyman or a brave Knight; or even a simple worshipper of the Light, we would welcome you among us. If you seek to stand amongst your faithful kin, come to our office and sign up. (Office Proxy is SW Cathedral Basement - Light/Holy based Heavy RP guild, all races accepted. Whisper for more info!)


Heyo, I just wanted to say I’m very interested in your guild, Idk if there’s a discord made for it yet or not, But it makes me glad to hear you accept all races, I plan to have a potential Pandaren priest in the guild, I’m hoping to get in touch at some point, I’ve been on hiatus from the game for a while but plan to make a comeback on June, I think what you’re making here interests me, And I’m hoping you at least also get more folks interested, Because this has a lot of potential

I’m hoping once my sub renews I could make this character And meet you in the SW Cathedral Basement, Because this sounds like an amazing idea