[A-RP] The Jurina'tore Festival - Help Wanted (June 26th)

Ishnu’alah, friends! Elunian Festivals will be hosting a large social event on June 26th at 6PM server time. We are currently looking for caterers, booth attendants, and cultural entertainers for the celebration of the Great Hunt! Please leave a comment below or join our discord server for more information.

When: Sunday, June 26th @6PM ST
What: A Kaldorei celebration in honor of the Great Hunt and the beginning of the Summer Solstice!

Discord Server Invite: B7kFMVUY


“His is the spirit of the hunter, the animal instinct that kicks in when wild things smell food or feel their children are in jeopardy. He appears as a great white wolf, ferocious and cunning.”

Keep an eye on the Jurina’tore if you are interested in a festival and a great month dedicated the Hunt.