[A-RP] The Duncan Syndicate

The Duncan Syndicate is an up and coming crime guild, aiming to give Stormwind and the surrounding areas a true taste of more grounded crime! ICly they are run by Alain Belford, a noted thief and criminal who despite a large bounty on his head, has never managed to be caught!

My plan for the guild is to provide a criminal element to the city, that focuses on OOC consent for actions involving character, If you don’t like it, feel free to tell a member to stop, and we will not hesitate to do so! We all want to have fun here.

Who are we looking for?

Thieves: Kinda obvious yes?
Mercenaries: Every Syndicate needs some muscle!
Renegade Mages: Many vaults now have magical keys and locks, a skilled mage can crack those, and opens up a whole new variety of heists! (I’ll get to the heists later)
Assassins: Sometimes the streets need to run red with a bit of blood! (OOC consent mandatory for assassinations to take place!)
And more importantly, accountants and book keepers! Who else will keep the finances balanced?

Types of events I would like to do:
In addition to the obvious open world and city RP I would like to foster, guild events will come in the form of several different things!
Prison breaks (Did you get caught? We leave no one behind!)
Extorting merchants!
Moving ‘appropriated goods’
Attacking merchant caravans
And so much more!

If you are even slightly interested please do not hesitate to contact me! Officer positions are open with a thorough vetting process!