[A-RP] <The Court of Lions> Recruitment Thread

The Court of Lions is a 12 Year Old, Active & Established Roleplay guild on Alliance side of Earthen Ring with casual PvE.

GM: Barbro, Co-GM: Gaylic, Miadarrah, Quillson
Officers: Alistair, Dione, Divaangel, Foxter, Johnwickk, Joseana, Neon, Silvynn, Thora, Venusdemilo, Voidesteria

Guild Website:
www. TheCourtofLions .enjin .com

Founded by Kelsus in 2009, The Court of Lions has been through a few changes throughout the years, beginning as The Conjurers Court, The Alliance Protectorate, and most recently The Royal Lions Brigade. We have plans to expand as well, with Sister Guilds just starting on Moon Guard & Wyrmrest Accord realms!

Our mission has never changed:
Outreach and supporting new roleplayers, to bring active and public roleplay to the RP community. We strive to be a place of inclusion and the idea that you can roleplay at any level and wherever place. Our community is proud to be the home for brand new roleplayers and veteran roleplayers alike. We’re currently and always looking for additional members for our family and community. We are beginner friendly!

Join us for recurring RP events, In Character guild meetings, community events, guild Lore & Storylines, holiday parties, anniversary events, giveaways, mount raffles, guild website contests, mount & transmog runs, Littles Vanilla Dungeon groups, old raid achieves, plus casual end-game with a chill group that just likes to have fun.

We regularly run Dungeons, Mythics, and lower Keystones with plans to step back into Normal Raiding soon!

To join: Whisper any officer or member online or send in-game mail to GM Barbro. Or /who Barb, as I have several Barb-alts. We look forward to roleplaying & seeing you in-game!


We are still and always recruiting! Any level or skill RPers welcome in our ranks, from absolute beginner to advanced veterans! We are a mostly mature, beginner & family friendly RP guild with some very casual, laid back PvE!

THIS Sunday at 6:00 PM our own Thora is hosting Azeroth’s THE AMAZING RACE! Each month this year courageous players have a chance to race around the World, and the pot of gold grows as the year draws on! Sunday’s pot of gold is 8000 awarded to the winner!

Come to one of our many RP events, join us for some fun and casual PvE like Mythics, Keystones and Normal Raids. We have started expanding to RP realms Moon Guard & Wyrmrest Accord as well!

Find The Court of Lions guilds on US- Earthen Ring, Moon Guard, and Wyrmrest Accord! We’re only just beginning expanding to MG/WrA and looking for more!

Saturday night at 7:00 PM Realm Time (EST) we will be running a Normal Uldir Fun Run, geared alts are welcome to attend! Whisper me on Isabarb for an invite to raid or for more info!

Still and always open recruitment for Roleplayers of any skill or level. Beginners to advanced, we are a 10 year mostly mature and family friendly guild. We also casually PvE, stomping Mythics and working our way through Keystones and dabble in some normal raiding.

Whether we are Roleplaying or slaying bosses in a dungeon or raid, we try to keep our focus on fun.

We are still and always recruiting! We will soon be working to fill our ranks for our sister guilds The Court of Lions on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord!

Guildies have been working on their Classic characters and we plan to (still) run guildie questing groups, Dungeons, and eventually 40 man raiding as well! And all along the way find some walk-up RP with our friendly members.

Even if you haven’t played since Vanilla or stopped somewhere along the way or are just starting out for the first time, The Court of Lions is a beginner & returner friendly guild. We are proud to have not only total beginner RPers in our ranks, but the advanced veterans and everyone in between!

Send mail to Barbro in game on any of our 4 realms, or /who The Court of Lions for an invitation or more information. Good luck and happy adventures!

Come play with us!! My SO and I joined the guild a couple of weeks ago(ish?) and all I can say is that it has been an absolute blast. :slight_smile:

Classic or BFA, doesn’t matter, you’ll get the same warm fuzzy feeling in either iteration of Azeroth. :smiley: Earthen Ring is a little quiet these days, so why not spend your time here in good company? ^^



We are still and always recruiting and open to RPers of any skill or level!

In the days ahead we will be working on our expansion to Moon Guard & Wyrmrest Accord realms. It’s undeniable that Earthen Ring is a very small and relatively dead realm, and many players have transferred to one of the 2 big RP realms.
Since we can’t beat them, we will join them.

Earthen Ring will always be my home realm, and it will always be the home realm of The Court of Lions guild. Find me in-game on Earthen Ring if you are interested in joining our ranks.

As we are only beginning building our sister branches of The Court of Lions on Moon Guard & Wyrmrest Accord, we are welcoming players from MG & WrA as well, with the possibility of leadership.

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We are still and always seeking Roleplayers to join our ranks.

We’ve had a number of players within guild return in force for patch 8.3, and we have been active and busy with the new quests and zones! We also regularly group up for our quest and dailies! PvE and Mythics+ have taken a bit of a back seat, but once people are all caught up, I expect we’ll be regularly stomping!

Do you like adventure?
Last year we finished 12 months of Azeroth’s version of THE AMAZING RACE, and this year’s schedule has already been announced!
We brought the race to Classic for the remainder of last year and will continue into this year as well!

Speaking of Classic, The Court of Lions has kept an active presence on Bloodsail Buccaneers! With guild dungeon nights and we also had our first ever Classic guild meeting.

Find us here on Earthen Ring, or on Bloodsail Buccaneers! Just /who The Court of Lions and get in touch with any of our members to join.

Why Enjin… you’re literally on a platform that allows you do what Enjin does. Or hell even Discord.

Good point! We’ve just been around long enough to see Enjin become mostly obsolete, and we have moved primarily into Discord.

It still serves a good purpose for threads on RP Character Sheets, In Character journals and writings, and stories. Not to mention a good place for some screenshots and a landing page with our guild info. We also run some guild promotions and giveaways for posting character sheets and stories from time to time.

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Updating our thread with an invitation to JOIN US on April 18th at 7 PM EST (Realm Time) beginning in Darkshire for this year’s annual Bunny Hop!

It’s going to be a fun Bunny race with everyone dressed up as Noblegarden bunnies. Companion pet rabbits are encouraged! (No mounts or speed boosts please. Some other rules and restrictions will apply. Super fine print about accidents and liabilities including being eaten by a wolf…)
Mounts & pets & other prizes will be awarded! Items TBA!

In other news, The Court of Lions is still always growing, and we are always recruiting. In the past month we have begun raiding once more, but sticking to very casual and alt or transmog runs. We’ve beaten Uldir on Normal and Heroic and have beaten Battle of Dazar’alor on Normal as well. We’re working on transmogs and quests, and since we allow alts it’s fun to help gear up fresh 120’s as well.

Join us for some casual Roleplay, in Ashran of all places. The Court and some of our Allies from Templars and other have sought refuge and some R&R during the latest Attacks and Invasions.

Upcoming next month on May 16th we celebrate our 11th year anniversary! Everyone will be invited to attend, with many prizes and giveaways, and ending with our customary fireworks show!

Find any of us in game if you would like to join the guild, or have questions or would like to plan some Roleplay etc! Send a whisper to Barbro, send mail, or apply through the in-game guild finder. Our rules are simple: keep it fun, keep it respectful, keep chat mostly family friendly, and NO drama.

I hope everyone out there is staying safe & healthy! Help to save the world by staying home and being a Hero in World of Warcraft, and please wash your hands.


The Court of Lions is always recruiting brand new and returning Roleplayers. Earthen Ring might be a pretty dead and dying realm, but The Court continues to thrive.

Join us for one of our many events, from our Azeroth’s THE AMAZING RACE, in-character guild meetings, tavern nights, various storylines, seasonal events, and of course our Grand Anniversary Ball!

This past month The Court of Lions celebrated our 11th year anniversary on Earthen Ring! In the days ahead, we’ll be releasing aninvitation to formally invite everyone that wishes to attend our 11th year Grand Anniversary Ball!

We will be raffling off 11 epic prizes, 1 for each year! We are hoping to see friends and allies from throughout our 11 years attend our celebration.

Our Redside guild Dark Collective has also been seeing more activity, with friends & allies gearing up in Mythics. There has also been Brawlpub and other RP events happening Hordeside on Earthen Ring.

Alliance or Hordeside, join us for events and roleplay and dungeons, and stick around for a mostly PG guild chat where we keep the game focused on FUN!

Find me or any of our guildies online in game for more info or to join our ranks. You can also send in-game mail to me on Barbro, or /who Barb for one of my (many…) alts.

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I have sent you an in game Request to Join. Old time player since 2009 or so. JUst return to the game 3 months ago. The request is from my alt.

Awesome! I’m hoping we picked up your alt in the meantime, it’s been a minute since I have bumped our thread. If not send a whisper to myself or anyone online for an invite.

Things are a little slower for us lately with Shadowlands on the horizon, but guildies have been prepping and trying to get their achieves etc before prepatch.

Looking ahead, we have several members interested in some (Light) progression raiding in Shadowlands. You can count on our raids to be chill with a focus on FUN!

As we have been doing all along already, we will continue to help our members prep for raid by staying inclusive with our Dungeons and Mythics+ etc!

To learn more or to get an invite to the guild, whisper or mail myself Barbro, or /who The Court of Lions and ask anyone online.

Have fun and stay safe!

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My goal in a guild is (1) enough people on so that there is usually at least someone to talk to but not so huge that it is mostly impersonal (2) typed chat is not dead with everyone just using discord or other voice - I find that voice chat is far less immersive (3) a guild that isn’t almost exclusively roleplaying but rather one that does many of the things a normal guild does albeit with a RP focus. Not raiding but at least some people interested in running dungeons with guildmates at 120 if not earlier.

I am sure you won’t hit all of these but how close do you think you come? Older players a plus my daughter is older than the average WoW player.

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/bump for a good guild with good people, who we love to hang and RP with, lead by awesome GM who’s kept it all together like a boss. :+1:

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Hey there! We normally have at least a couple people on, and I expect we will see more and more players return as Shadowlands gets closer. We do most of our communication through gchat, which we keep “mostly” PG and light-hearted and biggest of all drama free. And while we are a RP guild, not everyone roleplays and that’s all good too. We also like to run 120 dungeons together, don’t expect much for bigger keystones, but we run lower ones plus Mythics and even normals and heroics, plus some lowbie dungeon groups.

We’re not perfect, but seems like you might be a good fit. We are also mostly mature, with a very wide range of ages within the guild, with a handful of little ones that play with their parents. We welcome all, minus elitists and drama llamas =)

Hit me up in game on Barbro, or one of my numerous Barb alts, or send an application through the in-game guild finder under Roleplay Guilds.

Good luck and have fun, and I hope to see you soon!

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We are still and always recruiting Roleplayers to join our ranks. Recently we have made the decision to officially call ourselves a Social RP guild, as that has been what we’ve been doing all along for a good while now.

With pre-patch on the horizon and a new expac on the way, we have also been talking about some light progression raiding as a guild. We have a decent number of folks already interested, but of course we would love a good, solid team.

Seeking another tank and a heals or two plus some solid DPS that can commit to a night (possibly 2) per week for a couple of hours of progression. Yes I am sure we will bash our face against a brick wall sometimes, but it would be much more fun together.

If you’re a Roleplayer interested in some light progression or even some casual PvE hit me up in game. Whether you are brand new to RP or PvE or the game or you’ve been playing since launch, we have space for you!

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We’re just a few days away from Shadowlands pre-patch and The Court of Lions is still going strong! We’re all looking forward to the pre-patch events, new content and SHADOWLANDS!

Join us for casual PvE, this expansion we are hoping to get together a dedicated raid team for 1 or 2 nights a week for some light progression. Light as in no yelling, no calling out DPS or mistakes, no degrading our members, and most of all: keeping it FUN!

In need of an Off Tank, another Heals or 2, and of course some DPS both ranged and melee. If you’re willing to contribute 2-2.5 hours once or twice a week for some fun casual progression, hit us up!

We’ll be hitting dungeons as soon as we can, and are always ready and willing to help out guildies get geared up or leveled up. From carries through Mythics and lower Keystones, steamrolling normals or Heroics for starter gear, grouping for Invasions and Assaults, and even lowbie dungeon groups!

Our take on RP has always been simple and the same: we look to help out new Roleplayers learn the ropes and get more comfortable in a welcoming and friendly environment. We all do things at our own pace, and that’s great! Join us for many RP events, from holiday parties, grand anniversary balls, tavern nights, in-character guild meetings, story nights, guild lore, storylines and more!

TL:DR: We are a chill and welcoming group interested in RP and casual PvE. Always seeking more Roleplayers from the absolute beginner to the advanced. We have a spot for you!

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Can happily vouch that Court of Lions is a good amount of people. Please look into them!


We are still and always seeking new players and Heroes to join our ranks. We’re a social Roleplay guild that likes to keep our focus on FUN and drama-free.

Prepatch has been out for a couple days now. Everyone seems to really enjoy the new Customizations. Lots of guildies have created new alts to level up in the new questing system to level 50. Dungeons are still a great way to go, but seems they have been scaled up in difficulty some. Take it easy on your healers.

We have a bunch of awesome events coming up!

Saturday the 17th at 7 PM:
(That’s tomorrow!) The Court of Lions will be hosting a “Worgen in the Woods” RP event at Darkshire. A fun game of mob justice! This was a hit last year. Discord (listening) use required for explanations etc!

Wednesday the 21st at 6:30 PM:
Spooky Story Night at the Graveyard in Redridge Mountains, across the Lake from Lakeshire. We’ll be telling scary stories around a campfire after dark! (Inky Black Potions encouraged!)

Thursday the 29th at 7 PM:
We will be hosting this year’s Hallow’s End Masquerade! All Roleplayers are invited to attend! This year at Warlords of Draenor Garrison, dress as your favorite villain! Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Costume Contest! Gold, mount, pet rewards!

Every Thursday at 8 PM:
Community Tavern Event in Boralus at the Fireside in Upton Borough just North of Unity Square. This event is hosted by our allies from Templars of the Rose and is walk-up casual Roleplay. Everyone is invited!

In-game on the Earthen Ring server /join CourtoftheRose to join in on the Roleplay channel shared by Many Earthen Ring characters!

Also find ERRA: Earthen Ring Roleplay Alliance Community under the Guild & Community feature. Search for Roleplay and ERRA, everyone that roleplays is welcomed to join! Tell your friends & guildies!

All of these events are posted under the Earthen Ring Roleplay Alliance calendar, so anyone from any realm may attend and RP with peeps from Earthen Ring!

Join the ERRA Community:

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