[A-RP] THE <Clan Battlehammer> WPVP/PVP/RP

Who are we

zzzZZTTKKRAACKK Crackling Thunder rang out as the Lightening bolt just barely missed its mark, setting ablaze a nearby tree instead. “Behin’ yeh Bruenor!” Shouted Rhusty as he threw up his shield, empowered by the light, deflecting another incoming bolt ment for Bruenor.

Who’s that you ask, oh at this point he was just a lost Dwarf fighting for his life in a land that wasn’t his home, but he was to become the Warrior King of one of Azeroths mightiest Dwarven Clans, Clan Battlehammer. But for now, back to the story…

This was the third time in as many nights tha’ the small Dwarven band had been set upon by the Horde. Outnumbered and ambushed along the road the newly formed party had barely survived the previous battles and this one wasn’t looking to good. However, the discipline and fortitude of the Dwarfs saw them through and only a days travel more saw them through the Mighty Gates of Ironforge and a new home. Thus began the epic journey of wonderous battles and timeless adventures of Clan Battlehammer.

That was the beginning, but today, over TEN years later, we still strive with that same kind of grit and determination. King Bruenor came to ED(Now Grob also) with a vision of fielding a massive all Dwarven army, charging across the battlefields of Azeroth with a true Clan of Dwarfs. A family that would fight and die, if need be, beside one another and that is exactly what Clan Battlehammer is today.

We’ve had times of nearly fielding two raids and some darker days barely mustering a full party(mostly due to blizzard screwing pvp over). But through all the years we’ve held true to the Alliance and the fighting spirit of Dwarfs everywhere. That is who we are. A determined and honor bound Clan of Dwarfs set on defending the weak and vulnerable good people of Azeroth against any and all threats that may come.

What we do.

  • WPVP: Clan Battlehammer has a storied history of city attacks, outpost defenses, and general world skirmishes. Today is much the same. Due to many of blizzards foul ups with sharding and breaking world defense we find it a bit more difficult to find the more organic battles of yesteryear but still, a few times a month, CBH will have a call to arms involving some wpvp. Be that attacking a Horde capital, rp base, or just charging across the Barrens until we find a Horde band to tangle with.

  • PVP: Again, a brief YouTube search will quickly let you know our history with Alterac Valley. It’s a staple of CBH’s CTAs today that typically ends in a Hammer victory and a great battle. Besides that currently CBH is in a casual setting. Only running Yolo RBGs and running random bgs when any online Hammers are interested. Obviously some differences here in classic. But we’ll see how its going soon.

  • RP: With an 10 year history I’m not about to fill this up with it all, but we are a light RP guild with a few medium to hardcore RP centric players. Currently working on a few projects for in guild RP and encourage any interested members to reach out in the greater ED RP community and participate where available.

  • PVE: What’s less than light? Almost zero history with PVE in CBH. We have many experienced pve’ers we just don’t spend guild time on it much. Unless gearing up a returning player or new member and as always anyone can start a group up for mythics and so forth.


Atmosphere you can expect.

Bottom line: Family. Like any family we may argue and disagree sometimes but at the end of the day we all do what we can for each other and the Clan. You’ll find we’re most often eager to help someone being camped but also encourage our members to be reasonably self sufficient. Not needing help with every issue but also understanding if you just can’t get out, ask for help.
That’s one of the biggest obstacles for new members in any well established Guild, that is, seeing the core group and thinking you don’t belong. But look, we invite you, we want you here. Jump in discord, maybe just listen a while if you’re shy but I’ll tell you, we won’t force participation so it’s going to be up to you to come in and be active. Promise we don’t bite much and before too long you’ll be feeling right at home.

Race: Dwarf only
RP: Anything besides strictly bad alignments, though some are acceptable with proper backstory and discussion.
LvL Req: 5
Voice: Discord https ://discord dot gg /KbQ6G5Z
Addons: coming later

Recruitment outlook: First and foremost, this is a game. We all pay to play and as such we believe you should be having fun. Most of everything we do is not mandatory because we don’t want to be “forcing” people to do anything. That being said, if you can’t follow the CoC(on website) and or don’t enjoy the types of events we run: we simply recommend you continue your guild search. On the other hand, if what you’ve read seems right up your alley then come join up with the Rowdy Dwarfs of CBH and help us dispense justice across Azeroth!

How to Join.: If you’ve gotten to this point and think CBH may be your Dwarven home then head to www.battlehammer dot net and read through the “Join the Clan” section. Basic reading comprehension required.


The best friend a Marine can have on this side of the Great Sea is a Clan Battlehammer Dwarf and his trusty Axe.


Indeed, great tah 'ave strong allies against this tide of darkness tha’s comin against the Alliance.


For king and clan!


Awesome to see you guys again, I can’t wait to see your formations in Ironforge! They are always a treat.


Fer th’ FARGE!

(I’m still fighting the queue boss in Classic)


Hail Clan Battlehammer! The elves are with you. /salute


I’m happy to see you guys rolling on Grobb.


Mcskinner was browsing through the auctioneer’s wears, trying to find a good deal on some packs. “These prices are outrageous!” he thought to himself. Noticing the look he was getting from the dwarf, as if he know Mcskinner wasn’t going to purchase anything, Mcskinner thought it best to take his leave.

“Maybe next time friend, when I 'ave a wee bit more coin to spare.” And with that, Mcskinner stepped out into the hustle and bustle of the commons. As he was cinching up his coin purse to his belt, he started to overhear a conversation coming from the tavern. It peeked his interest, and he could always use a drink, he decided to take a walk over and see what was what.

The tavern was fairly well lit, and Mcskinner could see all the faces of just about everyone in there, except this one human who sat alone in the back corner smoking on a pipe, hood down over his eyes. As he sat down and ordered an ale, Mcskinner kept an eye on the human and turned his ears to the conversation that had led him into the tavern to begin with.

“It’s true! I heard it with my own two ears!” Shouted one dwarf to another. “The mountaineer specifically said that he saw Bruenor Battlehammer and some of his Clansman heading into this very city!” At this point, most of the tavern had now turned to listen to the conversation. A red haired lad, stout, looked like a farmer to Mcskinner, now noticed he had the attention of the entire tavern.

“Do ye know what this means? A Clan like that? He might challenge for the thrown!” A low grumble took over the room as Mcskinner looked around the room, now smoking on his pipe, looking at all the faces of his fellow dwarves. Some were nervous, others had a look of disgust. One dwarf shouted, “We wont let him!” The red haired dwarf now stood up from the table, “At the very least, they will bring war to our city! To our homes!” A few more dwarves stood up up and let out a roar, the level of commotion in the tavern picked up a bit. Mcskinner noticed the human had left. Finally Mcskinner had heard enough.

Mcskinner put his pipe away and pulled out his dagger and threw it into the table the red haired dwarf was sitting at. The tavern got quiet, and all looked at him as he rose from his chair and picked up his rifle. “War is gonna come anyway…the choice you have to make is whether or not yer gonna go down fightin’, or if yer gonna lie down and let the Horde take yer homes, yer family, and yer city.”

Mcskinner walked over to retrieve his dagger, “Sorry 'bout the table Firebrew.” Firebrew just waved his hand as if to say it was fine. Now Mcskinner looked are the tavern and finally came to look dead in the eyes of the red haired dwarf. After a a good long and stern look, Mcskinner let out a sigh and headed towards the door. The red haired dwarf asked, “And just who 'eck are you?”

Mcskinner turned back, “Me? I’m just a dwarf. What matters is i’m not gonna just stand by while the Horde invades our lands, and slaughters our people! I’m gonna go out there and fight! I’m gonna go out there and protect those who need protectin’! And if i must, I will give my life for my kin!” Mcskinner turned back towards the door, and as he headed back out into the commons he said, “Sounds like Clan Battlehammer are just the ones to do it with.”


Its great to see you guys again, we’ll see you out on the battlefield.


A fine lot of Dwarves!


Long live Clan Battlehammer!


Th’ Clan came together fer th’ first time tonight in Classic. 'ere’s a story all about it fer all yeh!


And Budsoma… go read up th’ scrolls on battlehammer.net. That’ll get yeh what yeh need teh know to run with th’ Clan!


Hail Clan Battlehammer, Lionguard stands by ur side and we are glad to have dwarven power helping defend against the horde. glad u guys chose grob.



Clan Battlehammer are always such a blast to scrap with! I look forward to reigniting old IC rivalries and creating fond OOC memories fighting against our favourite dwarves again.



I remember the big fights we used to get into with clan battlehammer on Emerald dream. Especially when fighting with other tauren guilds like Earthspear clan and Thunderhoof clan. We would stampede iron forge, the stumpy gophers would scurry all over thunder bluff. …

It was a grand old time.

I look forward to future rp pvp events with guys.

For those considering, they are a great dwarven guild. If you ever want a place to really get into dwarven culture. This is the place to do it. Also visit them on Emerald Dream if you have not yet as well.

Great bunch of people.


Loved seeing you guys when I was on ED, super happy to hear you guys are on Classic as well!
Boost for a great guild <3


How does a dwarf find out more about Clan Battlehammer in Classic?

The guild webpage Is understandably focused on Emerald Dream. Are there an application process or someone specific to contact in game?

Some of my buddies are looking to move to Grob and have always been fans of CBH from afar.

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As far as I know the process is still the same regardless of server. Read the rules on the website. Then log into Grobbulus and join the recruitment channel (/battlehammer) and ask for an officer.