[A-RP] The Baradin Compass

The Baradin Compass

The Baradin Compass is an RP focused guild on Wyrmrest Accord (RP-US) which has maintained a presence in the community for just about three years now. It primarily serves Quel’dorei and Ren’dorei roleplayers, but also draws upon the aid of other Alliance races. The guild pursues a wide variety of casual PVE and PVP content, but primarily seeks to further plot progression with its members, and its allies, through Roleplay.

Founded by members Silver Covenant following the defeat of the Burning Legion and the routing of their invasion, the Compass aims to build a better future for the Elves of Azeroth.

Critical to that endeavor - the order has reclaimed, and now oversees, an isle in center of Baradin Bay, one which has been made into a new home for refugees and exiles of Quelthalas. In addition to securing a tangible foothold for Alliance near Stromgarde, the Compass has simultaneously cemented a sorely needed beacon of hope in the region for the Thalassian Elves.

The land is now thriving with resources and people, and the Compass is looking to expands its reach across Azeroth, and fulfill its purpose: to build a better future, and to stand in defense of its people.

What to expect:

  • Engaged leadership.
    A pair of Ranger Captains lead the way as the OOC GMs, serving the needs of the guild and working to keep things on an even keel. They’re the one stop shop for all things that need attention or fixing.

  • Opportunities to take charge, even as a member.
    Through a system of appointment, players are elevated to a temporary rank for IC leadership, and entrusted with seeing a group of heroes through the completion of a task or quest.

  • Immersive and engaging story.
    Characters are given a broad mandate to ensure a bold future for Elven kind, and also to pursue positive change across Azeroth however they can, opening countless doors for opportunities in the form of quests and missions of a wide variety.

  • Big sillies, no nonsense.
    While we may keep a light hearted tone and goof around the whole day long, we also take our community, and what we do, quite seriously. Drama, intolerance, and prejudice against any based on any factor is strictly prohibited.

  • Plenty of character agency and personalization.
    In the Baradin Compass, players take charge of their character’s development over time. New members get to create their own abilities, and enhance them as their reputation within the guild grows. Making use of an easy to tackle d-20 model, and a reputation system, players will be making a name for themselves in no time.

“Our future is in your hands, hero; will you rise up to help shape it?”

Getting in Touch

For more information about The Baradin Compass, including its systems, story, and structure, check out our information page listed below.

:compass: tinyurl.com/baradincompass :link:

If you’re interested in getting in touch with us about joining, or with questions we can answer, feel free to reach out to either of the admins through Discord, or in game.

In Game Name Discord
:bow_and_arrow: Halsonas Judas#6706
:bow_and_arrow: Couruban Silvertongue#5400

Latest Stories

Below is a brief to help keep folks up to date with what the Compass has going on.
The Weekly Brief

The Dark Rangers' Pursuit

Thursday, July 30th-Friday, July 31st

The Compass and its allies have struck out into the swamps on the eastern coasts of Stormwind, following after a pair of Dark Rangers and the Banshee Loyalist soldiers that support them.

There, in the swamps, the Compass eliminated their targets, and then halted the operation underway which was meant to recover powerful artifacts of death of the ancient Atal’ai.


If you haven’t yet, be sure to pop a post in https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/wra-information-directories-guilds-communities-events/ so we can get your guild listed.

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I will absolutely see to it! Thank you!

In other news, tonight we’re heading out in game to hunt down and eliminate more of the Banshee Queen’s miserable loyalists who are lurking in the Swamp of Sorrows. Get ready for a blood bath!!

Nice little thing you all got going here, glad to be a part of it.

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Hey! Super excited for this to grow, and it’s been fun so far. <3 Hit us up!

Can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this guild post before! It sounds awesome :smiley:

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It’s full of whacky and wild things you’ll wish you’d never seen, but definitely awesome at the same time hah.

We’ll be sneaking our way up into Quel’thalas this week and next on some super secret missions tied to “Death” and digging up some long forgotten magical items in the ruined wastes of the Ghostlands, for those of you fancy elven folk who want to get in on it!

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