[A-RP] Sunless Solutions, an Alchemy Company specializing in rare potions, poisons, and elixirs!

Sunless Solutions is a new Alliance based guild. We’re looking for folks who are 18+, friendly and open minded. The OOC goal of our guild is to get together a tight knit group of friends with an emphasis on healthy communication and boundary setting. RP should be fun, and not stressful. The guild is going to stay relatively small in comparison to other guilds because of this.

The guild itself is a grey area sort of situation-- things like potions and elixirs, as well as alchemy merchandise will be sold at events, but there will also be a scenario on the down low where poisons, magic enhancers, body parts used in alchemy and dark rituals, and certain illicit substances will be sold!

Events are to be held once a week or every other week, just depending on my schedule-- though smaller events may happen more frequently!

Message me for more information~!

What time of the day were you planning to have guild events?