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A public roleplay community and campaign

The time for action has come. No longer can the wounds of war be left open. Together, we can and will reclaim our lands and holdings lost in war, but we need your help. Sentinel Commander Gwy’neth Shadowbreaker calls upon Sentinels willing to be recommissioned and Alliance soldiers, marksmen, magi, scholars, healers, historians, tradesmen and others with skills and talent useful to our cause. Join us, the Shadow of the Forest, and reclaim what is rightfully ours- our homesteads, our land, our people.

Check back on August 15th for an update.

About Shadow of the Forest

This is the beginning of a series of immersive and fluid RP events focused on reclamation and rebuilding of Alliance lands, holdings and territories. In an attempt to foster more world based RP, we have crafted stories for various zones in Azeroth that at one point in time have belonged to the Alliance.

We take our headcanon from in-game experiences and lore sources such as the table missions from BFA and past quest text that are ambiguous in their closure or outcome. These stories will be told in 3-4 week long campaigns that are separate from each other but held together by a common thread: the Shadow of the Forest.

The group will travel Azeroth to fulfill this duty, yet something sinister still lurks. For those interested in a more vengeful approach to the Alliance Reclamation Actions, there will be subtle and shadowed ways to exact revenge on those that have wronged them.

How It Works

Every other month the Shadow of the Forest will host a campaign to reclaim an Alliance territory, zone or specific target from either enemy or obscurity. Each campaign will be 3-4 weeks long in total with 3-4 major events over that time and several smaller events in between those.

Each campaign will begin with recruitment of Alliance members in major cities around Azeroth. For example, our first campaign takes place in Hillsbrad Foothills, so we will be recruiting in Stormwind and Ironforge, in that order. We will spend about a week in the two cities. The group will then travel from Ironforge to Hillsbrad in a short series of travel events that bring us to Southshore. The next event we will secure our camp, ensuring we have the supplies, security and information needed to begin our reclamation or rebuilding of the area. Once our objective is met or we fail, we will disperse until the call for action is made again.

Events will be posted on Discord and the in-game calendar with information on what kind of event it is and what to expect and how to prepare. Many different kinds of events will be planned and hosted including but not limited to: social, slice-of-life, combat, one-shot adventure, scouting, market, PvE and PvP,

The number of participants will be monitored and controlled for each campaign depending on many factors. Most notable of those are how many people are willing to DM or host events and facilitate RP outside of events. We want this to be a living, breathing RP experience so we will rely on community contribution to add to the immersive environment of setting up camp and adventuring in the world.

Because of that, the opportunity for different events and RP types will be substantially affected by the people participating in the campaign. If a bounty hunter joins the campaign, maybe they’ll recruit a few people on downtime to help them get that guy hiding in the woods of the zone we are in. Perhaps a scholar would like to come and study the local murloc population or a hunter is on the hunt for that pelt from a mysterious and rarely seen stag. The possibilities are endless.


The Shadow of the Forest is a branch of the Sentinel army, though Commander Shadowbreaker has much autonomy in who she recruits for each campaign. These campaigns are ICly a way to convince the Alliance the kaldorei still believe in their shared cause and vision. This aide the Shadow of the Forest lends should be taken as a good faith effort in that regard.

That being said, the group is structured loosely like a military unit. Those signing up with the Shadow should be aware of that and understand that joining means they consent to taking orders from those in leadership ranks. OOCly, the ranks are just there for flavor. Leadership ranks are here to facilitate and execute RP for the community at large, and that is our main focus. Regard for ranks and orders ICly will be minimal, as leadership will focus entirely on ensuring fun is had by all.

Those ranks are as follows:

  • Commander
  • Captain/Keeper
  • Counselor/Advisor
  • Shadows/Proven (Working)
  • Recruit

In detail:

Commander – the Commander leads and commands those in the Shadow of the Forest. The Commander makes strategic decisions for the cadre and is the final authority on most matters. OOC: GM. Facilitates and assists in matters to ensure fun is had by all and things run smoothly.

Captains and Keepers – the Commander’s most trusted Sentinels. Chosen by hand and charged with implementing and executing the Commander’s orders and cadre’s goals, these elves are second in command and hold much authority on most matters. OOC: Officers. Does the same as the GM. Must be in the guild.

Counselors and Advisors – those that do not rank in the Sentinel army but are held in high regard by the Commander. The Counselors and Advisors give information, advice and wisdom to the Commander, Captains and Keepers in matters that apply. OOC: Guild/Community leaders that seek to help the group and campaigns in an elevated role like DM, storywriter, zone/RP stakeholder. No need to join the guild to obtain this rank.

Shadows - those that have fought with the Shadow of the Forest previously and are called upon regularly for action. OOC: The main bulk of the Shadow of the Forest. These are the kaldorei that join the guild ICly.

Proven – those that have fought with the Shadow of the Forest previously and are called upon regularly for action. OOC: The main bulk of the Shadow of the Forest. These are the soldiers, scholars, magi, healers, builders, etc. Kaldorei that do not join the guild are Proven.

Recruit – Those new to the Shadow of the Forest and newly recruited. OOC: This rank is given to all characters on their first campaign with the Shadow of the Forest.

Ranking Up:

All new characters will be Recruits. Once you have served on 1 campaign as a Recruit and come back to a second campaign, you will be considered Proven or a Shadow. For kaldorei players that choose to join the in-game guild, you will be given the special rank of Shadow. This is subject to change.

Proven and Shadows are the highest ranks obtainable by characters and players that do not wish to DM or host events or facilitate random RP. If you are interested in doing those things, you could become a Counselor or Advisor. If you are interested in doing that, are a kaldorei character and wish to join the in-game guild, you could become a Captain or Keeper. The Commander makes decisions on these ranks.


We use two primary tools to keep track of campaigns, events and members: Discord and an in-game Community. It is mandatory to join both of these (as it is the only way we can contact you about the group and campaigns) in order to participate in campaigns and events. You do not need to complete campaigns or attend every event. You can come to one, all or any number of events. You can leave these communities once a campaign has ended with no penalty. You can join in a campaign and attend events at any time during the course of the campaign. You may get a more complete experience participating from the very beginning and being engaged.

For our first campaign, we are venturing into the unknown. We will test things, change them if we feel we need to and ask for feedback. It’s a new thing for a lot of us, and we just want to make sure everyone is having fun. For this reason, we will be capping participation at a certain number of characters. This will give us the opportunity to see in real time how this all works and what we may need to change or fix to give everyone the best experience possible.

Open Door Policy. As GM I have an Open Door policy. You can come to me for any reason and express concerns or give feedback without fear of rejection or indifference.

Rules. We have some rules you must follow. When you join the Discord and in-game Community, you are agreeing to follow these rules.

The Rules

  1. Be respectful of others.
  2. No derogatory or bigoted language including but not limited to: racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ableist. If someone calls you out, apologize and don’t do it again. 1 warning on minor offenses that are teachable moments. No warnings on major offenses that are widely seen as violent or purposeful.
  3. Do not argue with the GM or officers. Do as they say, within reason, when it comes to these rules.
  4. Be inclusive. This is a group that wishes to engage in world RP with each other. Try to include others that may be having a hard time getting a word in.
  5. Be open. New things may be tried. If it’s not your thing, no worries. Don’t be rude about it.
  6. Have fun. We’re here to have fun. If you’re not having fun, you can talk to an officer or GM about it. If there’s no recourse, you can leave. No feelings will be hurt.
What's Happening Now?

We are beginning to plan and build our first campaign. We are excited to announce that the Shadow of the Forest will be heading to Hillsbrad Foothills to assess Southshore and other Alliance holdings. Recruitment for this event will begin soon. Keep your eyes open for a start date.

We are still accepting officer inquiries.

We will begin to accept Counselor/Advisors inquiries within the next two weeks. If you or your guild is interested in or has stakes in Hillsbrad Foothills for any reason and would like to contribute storytelling, events, random RP, input or ideas please see Gwy’neth or Tharion for more information.

What We're Looking For

Pretty much any character and any player.

The Shadow of the Forest is looking for players interested in immersive roleplay, events and stories focusing on individual characters in the setting of rarely used or visited zones. Players who want to be apart of a group of people dedicated to quality and self-led RP should come and join. Any character who would be useful to a group of soldiers, builders, healers, historians, magi, adventurers, bounty hunters, treasure hunters, thieves, assassins and do gooders are welcome. Individual participation is contingent on your willingness to RP and flexibility in storylines set forth by leadership.

Contact Information

If you have questions, comments, concerns or are interested in being a part of our community, please reach out to either Gwy’neth or Tharion.

Gwy’neth can reached in game as the character “Gwyneth”, on Discord (clair#8305) or Battle Tag (clair#1709).

Tharion can be reached in game as the character “Tharion”, Discord (Taws#4321) or Battle Tag (#Taws#11991)

Frequently Asked Questions



Very excited for this! This will be a great opportunity to hop into some consistent world RP in zones that we don’t normally get to be in.

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I’d help out if I weren’t super busy! Good luck with all this!


Muhaha, you can try to invade our land, you can try.


Have fun storming the castle!


Hello Gwyn! I’m very interested in this project! When you’re able, can you tell me more about what pieces of the canon lore you plan to acknowledge for the story? Will you focus on the timeline before the conclusion of the 4th war? Will you be acknowledging and referencing the tiny morsels of lore from the BFA war table?

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We will be playing in current time. It’s more of a ragtag group of disenfranchised folks who wanna get some sort of work in against the Horde outside of the banner of the Alliance.


We’re still brainstorming and planning stuff, but while we are looking at places to go, I discovered all of this wild mission table lore.

Alterac City, Strahnbrad, and even Durnholde Keep being rebuilt by the Horde. Shadowfang Keep turned into a bioweapon facility. Not to mention all the fighting going on in Darkshore/Ashenvale/Barrens, apparently. Could be fun to explore!


Now is the time to get in from the ground up. We are getting going on planning and hope to have a start date in September. If anything,

Watch this space.



Bumping this back to the top as more information has been added in the OP!


I can help now.

This wildhammer is def. interested!

What times are you planning to host events?

Events will be varied in scope, date and time. Once we have our first campaign planned out we will update this thread on what they will look like.

Hope to see you soon!

Is your discord open yet?

To those that wish to assist in some capacity, yes.

I’m definitely willing to assist in some capacity, whether its just spontaneous RP or a smaller scale event. I enjoy RP and the interactions between people. (Especially when I’m not in charge of the whole show.)

If that’s cool with you and your’s, then I’d ask you for an invite.


Add me on discord and we can chit chat!

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I sent my request! Looking forward to it.

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Sorry to necro an old thread, but I’m interested in this also!

Gwyneth, I sent you a battletag request and would love to chat. Or if you prefer Discord, my ID is Digits#3034.

Yo I quit the game so this ain’t happening.