[A-RP] Shadow of the Forest (Reimagined - Coming Soom ™)

Muhaha, you can try to invade our land, you can try.


Have fun storming the castle!


Hello Gwyn! I’m very interested in this project! When you’re able, can you tell me more about what pieces of the canon lore you plan to acknowledge for the story? Will you focus on the timeline before the conclusion of the 4th war? Will you be acknowledging and referencing the tiny morsels of lore from the BFA war table?

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We will be playing in current time. It’s more of a ragtag group of disenfranchised folks who wanna get some sort of work in against the Horde outside of the banner of the Alliance.


We’re still brainstorming and planning stuff, but while we are looking at places to go, I discovered all of this wild mission table lore.

Alterac City, Strahnbrad, and even Durnholde Keep being rebuilt by the Horde. Shadowfang Keep turned into a bioweapon facility. Not to mention all the fighting going on in Darkshore/Ashenvale/Barrens, apparently. Could be fun to explore!


Now is the time to get in from the ground up. We are getting going on planning and hope to have a start date in September. If anything,

Watch this space.



Bumping this back to the top as more information has been added in the OP!


I can help now.

This wildhammer is def. interested!

What times are you planning to host events?

Events will be varied in scope, date and time. Once we have our first campaign planned out we will update this thread on what they will look like.

Hope to see you soon!

Is your discord open yet?

To those that wish to assist in some capacity, yes.

I’m definitely willing to assist in some capacity, whether its just spontaneous RP or a smaller scale event. I enjoy RP and the interactions between people. (Especially when I’m not in charge of the whole show.)

If that’s cool with you and your’s, then I’d ask you for an invite.


Add me on discord and we can chit chat!

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I sent my request! Looking forward to it.

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Sorry to necro an old thread, but I’m interested in this also!

Gwyneth, I sent you a battletag request and would love to chat. Or if you prefer Discord, my ID is Digits#3034.

Yo I quit the game so this ain’t happening.


Me: I quit until SL drops
Blizzard: SL drops next month
Me: :anger:

Quit forever or quit for the time being? :open_mouth:

Oh no! What happened?

Hey everyone. Back in August I had decided to take a break from WoW due to personal issues and had thought to return when the expansion came out. When it was announced back in September that Shadowlands would launch in October, I came back after cutting my break short, thinking the expansion was a month away.

That isn’t the case, but I have resolved some personal issues that has allowed me to reclaim some time, brain power and emotional stability to revisit Shadow of the Forest.

While I am not ready to launch this project, it will be happening. I would like to say when, but with the expansion looming and likely to change dates, I’m not sure. After the expansion launches and we all have gotten our foundation for the new game.

In that regard, however, I will be maining Gwy’neth in all aspects of the game (RP, PvE and PvP) and myself and few others will remain in the guild with the intention of launching a reimagined version of our ideas for it.

I am extending an invitation for others who are interested in the future of the guild, our RP and our friendship to join us in Shadow of the Forest. If you’re interested in a small community of likeminded RPers who would enjoy some company before the expansion drops and through its release, we’re your folks.

We are interested in RP, content through Shadowlands, leveling and mid-to-end game. I enjoy PvPing as well.

If you’re looking for a home for the pre-patch and launch of Shadowlands with the option for continued roleplay and content play through in the near future, come find us.