[A - RP-PvP] <Keepers of Stromgarde>

I’m pretty certain Nur would be honored by your gesture. Sadly, like many of us, he’s so busy nowadays that considering to branch his playing sessions into another version of WoW seems quite forbidding.

I will make sure he knows about your tribute.


P.S. - Your warlock character reminds me of Nur’s, Hifazat.

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Nur was an inspiration, and created something that affected RP-PvP, Horde/Alliance interaction, and server health in an incredibly positive way. If we can achieve just a little of that here, then we’ve done our job.

Thank you for your kind words.

For Honor and Vengeance!

In addition to general recruitment, we are also headhunting for three key Senior Officer positions:

  • <Seer of Strom> This is Stromgarde’s master of lore, as well as our eyes and ears against the Horde. Candidates must have at least one character on the Deviate Delight Horde side. The Seer of Strom will assist in PvP organization, promotion of multi-guild events across both factions, and the rare bit of RP spying. An ideal candidate for the Seer of Strom would wear a cashmere sweater, horned glasses, own a cat named Greymalkin, possess a deep knowledge of Warcraft lore and history, and a willingness to help the guild maintain RP consistency.

  • <Vindicator> This is the overall PvP lead for the guild. Candidates should have experience in leading PvP events, as well as a high degree of proficiency in BGs and the organization and make-up of pre-mades. Ideal candidates will have a thick Staten Island or possibly Minnesota accent, be drama-free, mature, and willing to patiently train people new at - or just returning to - organized PvP.

  • <Defender> This is the overall raid organizer for the guild. Candidates should have a broad range of Classic and TBC raid experience, with a thorough understanding of raid organization. The ideal candidate will have a mellifluous yet “pushy in a grandmotherly way” voice, a calming demeanor, and the ability to keep 400 people engaged and motivated for hours at a time.

If you or anyone you know matches one or more of the above descriptions, please reach out to us in-game!

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What is this pinkskin hierarchy? Why not duel to see whom will lead?


I was honored to encounter your clan’s Warlock in Felwood this morning. First blood has been shed - may it continue to flow!

(Well played all around. A brisk little bit of world PvP keeps us on our toes! – /salute)


VeCo was the absolute best.


Deviate Delight is really growing on me - same coalition of RP guilds, same cross-faction rivalries, and an active little RP community.


Yeah, it’s pretty great. I would like another 250 people on both sides, though.


Agreed - I’m working on recruiting my fourth transfer (work friend) as we speak. Just 496 to go!


Really considering transferring my 42 Paladin over. Are you all still recruiting?

We are, sir. Always on the lookout for more Highland defenders!

Contact myself, Jezare, Haluvan, Avarisce, Avaron, Concessa or Garend in-game and we’ll bring you onboard.

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42 is a good level. A lot of us are around that.

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I’m your huckleberry, that’s just my game.

((It was a nice surprise finding the Burning Rage Clan during our Highlands patrol. Rest assured you’ve got a new IC nemesis.

Looking forward further clashes.))

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Rommash donnot understand these pinkskins metaphor. Rommash do understand we be clashing again.

-Rommash Ironhide

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We, the Keepers of Stromgarde, are still looking for friendly and helpful players to fill our ranks. We offer you a very supportive, drama-free and close-knit community for new and old roleplayers/PvPers alike.

Feel free to message us for a screening interview.