[A - RP-PvP] <Keepers of Stromgarde>

The Highland winds call you home…

The Keepers of Stromgarde are looking for a few good soldiers. We welcome all players and playstyles, from awesome casuals to friendly dedicated gamers.

We are RPers with a love of adventure, and our aim is to build a community of like-minded players on Deviate Delight. We are looking for people who want to be part of a team, and who look forward to guild events and organized cross-faction PvP.

We encourage anyone who might be interested in joining the Keepers of Stromgarde to seek us out here or in-game. We just rolled here a short while ago, so our roster is small, but growing.

For Honor and Vengeance!

Our History:

Originally founded on Twisting Nether (PVE) server in 2005 as an RP guild, the Keepers moved to Venture Co. (RP-PvP) in 2006, where they were part of a very active and story-driven PvP community across both factions. Parts of the guild eventually moved on to Emerald Dream in 2012, and some of our former guildmates rolled on the Grobbulus server soon after Classic launched.

In response to a decent population and a healthy RP presence on Deviate Delight, a group of former Keepers from the VeCo days decided to re-found the guild here, with hopes of building a solid roster of good people.


You once served as honorable enemies to Thunderhoof Clan (VeCo!).

Thunderhoof Tribe gladly and proudly welcomes you to Deviate Delight!

You guys gave VeCo some great memories. Some epic battles and interesting stories–good people.

–even if you are alliance.



It will be exceedingly odd to see you lot with red names.

But in the Classic realm, Aurhia’s got different hooves. Tauren hooves.

Good luck recruiting. Looking forward to running into you!

Honor and Vengeance!
-Aurhia Rumbleshot


Hey Aurhia! Good to see you’re still kicking around. I want to congratulate you on your new hooves, but at the same time, it will be odd seeing you with a red name as well!


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Oh, just so you know, we’ve been storing Thunderhoof Oats over in Stromgarde for when we are adventuring in the Eastern Kingdoms. We’ll need 30 days notice to move them out.

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Apologies! We’ve been feeding that to the Prince’s cavalry officers for the last few weeks… maybe that’s why their road patrols have been just a wee bit faster of late…

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Welcome to Deviate Delight! I enjoyed playing with you guys on Veco (I was mostly in Guardians of the Light at that time).

I play Horde side on DD… I like the vibe better here than on Grob. Now I am scratching my head trying to think of the GM at that time and the paladin healer we would use for RBGs…

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If the GM you are referring to was with the Keepers, that would be Nur - a genuine gentleman and good guy. The Keepers here on DD are a humble tribute to what he managed to build on VeCo.

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No, it wasn’t Nur that I was thinking of. I’m thinking if the person that was GM for most of Cata. Well, this is going to bug me now. I might have to do some creative googling.

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There were a couple GM paladins. Jerome and Velli (I forget his paladin’s name…) were both GMs at various points. During Cata it would have been Velli I believe.

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Back in Cata, the GM was a Paladin (tank/DPS) and I think he was married IRL with another guild paladin (holy).

My google skills failed me and I just can’t pull up the names. :frowning:

Edit: It just popped into my head… Argider!

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Warchieftain Rommash of Burning Rage Clan proposes to the Keepers that we should be arch enemies, since both guilds are RPPVP oriented.

Rommash awaits an answer.


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Thrall sends the Burning Rage Clan, does he? That either means he thinks well of you - or he wants to rid Orgrimmar of your kind once and for all. Either way, Stromgarde will send its regards to any of your clans-orcs who cross the regiment in the field.

For Honor and Vengeance!

Calvorican of Stromgarde

((Let me know when/where you’d like to set something up in-game, and we’ll make it happen. Any horde clans or alliance regiments who’d like to join in on the fun are more than welcome!))

We shall meet on the battlefield very soon…


****A dead Stromgarde scout has been brought to the hall of the Burning Rage Clan by a sharp-eyed orcish hunter. A crumpled dispatch intended for Prince Galen is found clenched in the dead human’s teeth - it seems he vainly attempted to dispose of it before he died… the dispatch reads:

“From the 13th Highlanders’ Regiment to his highness Prince Trollbane. Our patrol prepares to conduct requested reconnaissance-in-force next week. Light resistance expected in the regions of Tarren Mill, Hammerfall, and among the ruins of Alterac. Orders are to ascertain numbers, intentions, and readiness of all Forsaken and Orcish forces in the region. Will update your highness as things progress.”

                      ~Lieutenant Valorcall, 
                      1st Cavalry Brigade, 
                      13th Highlanders Regiment.

Oi laddie! Tha Winterforge Clan would be interested in an ally such as you! In fact, tha whole Coalition could benefit!

Beware those Iron Circle guys though!


VECO IS FOR FITE!!! Man you guys are making this really hard. To move my 42 lock to Deviate or Grobbulus. The Grin is on Grob from what i can tell, but Thunderhoof Clan and keepers are on Deviate? Ugh


Deviate…! deviate…! deviate…

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I’d recommend Deviate, but of course, I am biased. The Grin were our brothers/sisters on Veco, and we miss them very much.

Deviate is much more like VeCo in that we are a smaller pop, more hometown feel. Grobb is more of a ED, big city feel.

You can always roll a toon on the other one!


Stromgarde would be honored to stand shield to shield with the Winterforge. There’s ale and good highland whiskey waiting for you by our hearth!

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