[A RP-PVE-PVP] <The Winterforge Clan>

The Winterforge Clan is a day one Dwarf and Gnome exclusive guild here on Deviate Delight! We are primarily a light to medium role-playing, leveling and social guild with a strong focus on all aspects of WoW’s content.

By ourselves, we run Zul Gurub and Onyxia weekly, and hopefully soon AQ20. We are also active in the PvP scene, having participated in the server first Sylvanas kill with our allies in Vengeance of Elune, Strength and Immortality and others, to holding down Blackrock Mountain against the Horde.

Additionally, Winterforge is an Accords signatory. The Accords (alternatively known as “the Coalition”) is a multi-guild coalition that cooperates in PvE and PvP content. With them, we are 8/8 MC and BWL and are looking to progress into AQ40. Unlike traditional guilds, Winterforge does not bound you to raid with us so if you wish to do PvE content with other guilds you are more than welcome to. Likewise, raiding is not a requirement of our guild.

If you wish to join us, contact any of our Thanes like Tinara (our GM), Norban, Marvy or Palo or any of our officers, such as Hershel, Ahleingui, Grymdok or myself.

(This thread is a reboot of our older thread with new information.)


If you want to get shanked, contact Flipsy



Are you all still active? I cannot tell because I have a Horde toon, but may delete it.

Indeed we are.

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Don’t delete your Horde. Need more hordes to smash


Ha ha. I don’t think I can have both on a PvP Server.

you are correct, but a lot of people do it anyway…they have two accounts

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bumppity bump