[A-RP] Picks n' Pint's: New and Improved [Recruiting!]

A cold night in Ironforge, you set yourself at a table in the local bar. It’s filled with the usual bar patrons and adventurers. They talk of wonder filled adventures, daring escapes, and the thrill of the job. Dusty tombs, forgotten treasures, labyrinths, jewels, curses and more.

The look of passion and fire in their eyes - they have found a drive and meaning that is beyond the typical blood shed and glory. It’s about discovering the forgotten, lost, and the unknown - pressing to bring it to the now and present.

<Picks n’ Pints> Is an alliance guild that focuses on Adventure and self Discovery!

Think of us as the Indiana Jones, and the Explorers league mixed into one big adventure! If you have a character that strives for more than just being a soldier, or a teacher, or a Mercenary, Picks n Pints is the guild for you. We accept all breeds, and passion of those who YEARN for adventure, and want to capture that whimsy that comes with it.

If you are interested please send an ingame letter to either Aigrna, or Halflan.

Don’t let your dreams remain dreams - Chase after glory!

(If you want to talk to us out of the game, my discord is Mommabear#1132)


Reporting in and ready to be the Scooby to someone’s Shaggy as soon as they take that characteristic trait.

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Good Morning Wrymrest Accord! Please don’t hesitate to come look us over and join us for a pint, and some nice fun roleplay!

Pick and Pints is good people.

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You should post a recruitment post in the stickied thread! More guilds, more guilds!

Thank you for the heads up! I’ll fill it out.

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They even have room for do-gooders! Shield of the Lost (a bunch of dwarf do-gooders) is now part of Picks - giving these scoundrels a good name from time to time. Picks are good folk (they’ve got me now)!


Our first big fixes to the guild rolling system are in as we get closer to our first post-revival campaign!

Believe it or not, we’re not dead! I’m just not on the forums a lot.

We’ve been getting back into the groove of things, running things both on our own and with the rest of the dwarf community! I’ve also got big plans for the late summer and early fall, anyone wanting to get in on the ground floor of a big, sweeping adventure story in the classic Indiana Jones-esque style is encouraged to contact me or Rufaic about getting involved!

Hey, I’m Rufaic! Come hang out with us, we don’t bite! Often! Seriously, we’re not mean or anything. We just get distracted… a lot.