[A-RP] <Moonglaive Sentinels> Eight years old!


Ladies, lookin’ good!

(Adellwyna) #104

Hey, Glaive is a druid again.


I can’t be edgy enough to be a Demon Hunter.

I see the Moon Priestess has taken to honing her Combat skills!

(Adellwyna) #106

Training night (drill practice and weapon sparring) this Saturday!

(Moonwhisper) #107

Celebrating our eight year anniversary next week!

(Liodred) #108

The Moon Guard stands with you, Sentinels.

(Shaureyne) #109

Eight years! 2,922 days of noticeably noteworthy natural night elf novelties! :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

(Moonwhisper) #110

I feel really old now.

LF Kaldorei Guild
(Adellwyna) #111

<Moonglaive Sentinels> will be celebrating its EIGHT year anniversary this Saturday, December 15th in Moonglade. Activities begin at 5pm server and will include a drill demonstration, lots of food, and enough fireworks to blow up Orgrimmar.

If you have any questions, or would like an calendar invite, please contact me here or on Adellwyna in-game.

(Bovira) #112

It’s party time! ^^^^ :smiley:

(Iyora) #113

Moonball Tournament tonight in Moonglade at 5PM server! Come have some fun with us!

(Feyahni) #114

I’m definitely looking forward to checking out your event on Friday/Saturday. :elf:

(Zatiya) #115

Very nice folks! Surprisingly friendly to a troll. Recommend BIGLY!

(Iyora) #116

Tonight we would like to invite everyone to our annual Kaldorei tradition of observing Illthanyn or the night elf version of Winter Solstice. It will be held tonight at 5PM server in Moonglade at the big Moonwell near the Barrow Dens. Please wear white, bring your favorite weapon to be blessed and something to rid yourself of in a ceremonial fire. Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you all there!

(Xeqwena) #117

Remember to join us tonight for our annual guild anniversary celebration! Eight years and counting! The event starts at 5pm server time in Moonglade.
Sentinel will be giving a drill demonstration, fireworks, and food as per tradition. Let’s party! :fireworks::sparkler::tada::balloon:

(Bovira) #118

Always looking for more Sentinel Sisters! :smiley:

(Adellwyna) #119

Our new Darkshore storyline begins this Saturday!

(Åthinios) #120

There seems to be Male Sentinels now as of Darkshore. I mean, we’ve been seeing men in sentinel uniform since the Cataclysm, but they don’t really seem like they’re able to be picky about their recruits at the moment. Thoughts?

(Adellwyna) #121

While we fully acknowledge that there -are- now male Sentinels within the army, we have no plans to change our recruitment policy.

Sean Copeland/Loreology (Head of Lore for Blizzard) stated that: “The current lore is that males have been allowed into the Sentinels. That said, some small groups might only have women.”

Our guild only represents a single unit with in the Sentinel army, and we are one of those remaining small groups.

(Adellwyna) #122

Lots of wonderful new members joining us these past couple weeks!