[A-RP] <Moonglaive Sentinels> Eight years old!

(Bovira) #83
Looking forward to this Saturday! :)

Also, always looking for more Sentinel Sisters!

(Adellwyna) #84
We have a fancy new name!

(Xeqwena) #85
Thanks to Adell for hosting the ceremony that christened our new name last Saturday! Our site had now been updated to reflect the change. We also announced our new location basing ourselves in Astranaar!

(Kaylandris) #86
New name; same great taste!

(Alesterra) #87
Merry Samhain, everyone!

Hope you all enjoy Hallow's End and stay safe tonight. Don't let the spirits and undead get you! For even Sentinels can fall for their dastardly tricks.

(Adellwyna) #88
Killing orcs is a fine hobby.

(Liodred) #89
"May the power of the Arcane protect you!"*

(Iyora) #90
Join us and get a free saber kitten!*

(*While supplies last as they grow up so quick!)

(Loviattar) #91
Love the name change. Nice people, I had an alt in there years ago and everyone was very friendly. I always wanted to join again. Kinda missing night elves.

Stay strong Sentinels!

(Adellwyna) #92
More Ashenvale RP this Saturday!

(Xeqwena) #93
Still on the prowl for more sisters in arms!
We also have cookies, if that sways any opinions.

(Bovira) #94
And Kimchi! ^

Always looking for more Sentinel Sisters!

(Sariandi) #95
^ Can confirm on the cookies. They're excellent.

(Adellwyna) #96

Look at these fancy new forums.

(Xeqwena) #97

These new forums are scary. shakes
In other news, Sentinel jumpstarts a new plot line in Azshara tonight! You don’t want to miss it! (-Or maybe you do, but we’ll miss you!)

(Moonwhisper) #98

Rescuing our little furbolg friends this Saturday!

(Grandblade) #99

Have a boop.

(Moonwhisper) #100

Do you have long ears and an overwhelming urge to kill orcs?

Well, we may have a home for you!

(Arilyne) #101

A bump for these lovely Kaldorei friends. Can’t wait to see how your new story line plays out. <3

(Bovira) #102

Always looking for more fabulous Sentinel Sisters! :smiley: