[A-RP] <Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet> Sailors, Marines, Tidesages and more!

The Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet is a heavy military-themed Roleplaying Guild on Moon Guard Roleplaying server. Founded in 2020, our goal is to create a Kul Tiras Guild where all men and women who answer the call to serve the homeland can feel welcome in a friendly and upbeat environment.

The Kul Tiran Tenth Fleet was heavily damaged in the Fourth War. Casualties taken in Dazar’alor and Nazjatar reduced the fleet to near destruction. Yet rather than retire the Tenth Fleet’s colors, the decision was made to rebuild the Fleet with new men, materials, and vessels.

Our guild’s premise is to rebuild the Military strength of Kul Tiras, range beyond our homeland, and protect Kul Tiras and her interests be they at home, or overseas. Will you be our next Cadet?

Our Divisions:

Navy. The Navy is th’ Core of our Fleet. They sail our vessels, perform as a basic fighting force, are skilled in firearms, navigation, helmsmanship, and command th’ mightiest ships in th’ Kul Tiran Fleet.

Marines. Th’ Marines are our heavily armored fighting force. They have th’ toughest equipment and are always found where th’ fighting is thickest, often forming th’ spearhead of our assaults. (Plate and Mail)

Reconnaissance. Recon is home to th’ Fleet’s numerous skirmishers and scouts. Falconers, Outriggers, Rangers, and many other kinds of light infantry are found here, often serving in a Scouting role.

Tidesages. Th’ enigmatic Tidesages serve an essential function as th’ mystic and spiritual aid to our Fleet. they provide th’ blessings of protection that ensure that our Vessels an’ sailors remain unharmed upon the High Seas, as well as performing many rites.

Medical. Our Medical division is home to th’ Tenth Fleet’s talented array of Physicians, Healers and Menders who apply both Medical Science and Magical skill to keep their Comrades afloat.

We’re always looking for people who:

  • Are interested in a Military-themed RP environment.
  • Are a friendly, outgoing person out of character.
  • Have a love of Naval history.
  • Can handle a Disciplined in-character environment.
  • Wish to make good friends and progress their individual character stories with others.

Come check us out today!


Ladekahn, Guild Leader.
Paloma, Officer.
Boatboy, Officer.
Zaliri, Officer.
Dunstable, Officer.
Méndenhall, Officer.

(A note about races: We welcome all manner of Alliance member races here in the Tenth Fleet, but we judge upon character history and theme. We need to make sure it will fit with our Kul Tiran aesthetic and willingness to assimilate. For example, a Kaldorei Mariner with a long history of Sailing would fit right in here, whereas we might decline a Draenei or a Pandaren who’s just decided to try something new on a whim.)


Great is the Tidemother!


We sail the ocean blue.
And our saucy ship’s a beauty.

We are sober men and true,
and attentive to our duty.


I continue to love our activity. Hugely active RP events, casual RP every night, where is the roof on this thing?


Do you guys have Marines and Scouts?

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Indeed we do, good sir. Our reconnaissance division is composed of Scouts, Gryphon-Riders, Falconers, Outriggers, Rangers and all kinds of sneaky-beakies.

And our Marines division is made up entirely of Armor-wearers. Mail and Plate. Always found where the fighting is thickest.

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Just needed to say that I absolutely love your mog, OP. Very pirateish like.

Wait 'till you see mine :wink:


Hey, can you add me on Discord or Bnet? I would like to know this guild better. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to add me on discord. Phiniksa#0935


Come sail with me, come sail, let’s sail, sail away

If you could use some exotic booze

There’s a bar in far Bombay.

It is perfect for a sailing honeymoon, they say

Come sail with me, let’s sail, let’s sail away~.

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This sounds like a very interesting idea for a guild. I have done little Military themed RP, but not above trying. Do you have a level limit for recruiting? I don’t have a character in this server, so would be starting from low level.

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We don’t really have a level limit per se. though I know our Recon division would certainly love to have a Hunter like yourself :slight_smile:

Mechagnomes totally count as ‘Kul Tirans’ right? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea I’m also new around here, but I love the idea, I’ve been in a few ‘military style’ guilds in my WoW life but a naval one is pretty unique! I may have to give one of you guys a poke.

We currently have a mechagnome in our guild, so you are welcome to join us for an interview! :slight_smile: We’d love to hear you ideas and feedback.

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Somewhere, beyond the sea.

Somewhere, waiting for me.

My lover stands on golden saaaaaaaaands,

And watches the ships, that go saaaaaaaailing.


Is there a preferred way to contact you guys about joining? I did a search on the guild finder but didn’t seem to find it.

I can get online now.

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Oh drat sadly a bit busy now but I can be on later this evening, I’ll add your character when I get on!

Set an open course! Fer the Virgin Sea~ ♫
Cause you, Kul Tiran gotta be free! ♪
Free ta’ face tha’ life, tha’ is ahead of ya’!
On board there is a captaaaaiiin~
So cliiiimb abooooooard!
We’ll search for tomorrow!
On every shooooooore!
And we’ll tryyyyyy, best tha’ we caaan!
Ta’ carry on!


Love the Guild, Love the concept. Never had a bad interaction with any of the members I’ve approached.

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