[A-RP] <Doren'thor> "Warriors of the Night, assemble!"

Kalimdor stands, ever enduring by the strength of it’s sworn stewards. While many have lost faith in the goddess Elune and the vigilance of the Kaldorei, others seek to remind their people of the traditions that have united their people in the protection of the Land of Eternal Starlight. Some who would remind the Kaldorei of their own nature, that of simultaneous tenders and guardians. The sons and daughters of the great mother. It is to that end, the Doren’thor, the Fury of the Wilds, rises from the great organizations of Kaldorei culture.

“Come, you night elves! Where is the fury and the passion with which you fought so long ago?”

Adjoining the major powers of Kaldorei culture into a united order for the defense and restoration of Kaldorei lands, the Doren’thor aims to see the Kaldorei through a time of crisis and troubles, honoring the history of struggle and overcoming strife that has defined the children of Elune since the sundering of the world.

The Doren’thor is an attempt to naturally adjoin the different Kaldorei forces that have defined their military and culture for the last ten thousand years, with some newer additions from their later developments. A group derived from the Temple (and it’s subsidiary organizations) and the Druids, open to Mages to a limited extent. The primary focus of the Doren’Thor is to provide a place to explore traditional Kaldorei characters derived from Warcraft 3, intended to ultimately be a collaborative experience where different interpretations of the Kaldorei can co-exist so long as they are reasonably derived from their foundation.

Many craven races have tempted our wrath over the centuries. None have survived!

Kaldorei fantasy as seen by the Doren’Thor is something we describe with some depth. In summary: the zealous children of a warrior goddess, who have persevered through immense and devastating conflict beyond even the devastation of Teldrassil. The harmony of the main aspects of this warrior steward culture under the goddess is the core fantasy the Doren’Thor itself is meant to embody.

Through this lens, one can consider the purpose of the Doren’thor to encompass restoration & preservation through the relationship of the Temple and the Druids. That is to say, a force of destruction to smite the defilers of Sacred Land, while also being a means of regrowth and propagating the will of the Kaldorei into the future, at the same time.

Divisions of the Doren’Thor:

Three are the blades of a Moonglaive, the anointed weapon of the Kaldorei. So too does the Doren’thor bare three blades to the foes of Kalimdor, each bound together and drawing their fullest potential out of one another.

Guardians: The tip of the spear and the vanguard of Kalimdor. For those who will wade into combat and protect their charges as true embodiments of the Kaldorei’s guardian stewardship of Kalimdor.

Vigilants: The eyes and ears of Kalimdor, ever warding the far horizons of the Land of Eternal Starlight. Silent shadows whose weaponry (be they talon, glaive or arrow) strike true as those of the goddess herself. Masters of the natural stealth innate to the Kaldorei.

Heralds: The fury of the wilds or the faces of the Mother Moon flow through the Doren’Thors heralds, who unleash their arrayed and versatile energies in a multitude of means. Despite technically allowing the arcane, this divisions structure harkens to Kaldorei’s enlightened approach to combat, wherein raw power is no substitute for true strength.


Advancement: Currently, the ranks are designed around advancement based on the amount of events attended. In the future, as this group grows, there may be further requirements such as trials to advance in your own division.

Initiate: When joining the Doren’thor as an initiate, the background of the Kaldorei does not matter. It is a testing phase they must all share in, to prove their dedication to the wilds. After at least five events, a character will be eligible for their promotion when the ceremonial ritual for taking vows is conducted.

Mush’a (Hunter): When the oath of a Doren’thor Initiate is affirmed at the base of summit of Mount Hyjal, they are recognized as a Hunter. This is built upon the mindset that, at their core, the Kaldorei are Hunters of a sort innately, and recognition of that.

Thallah’Ethella (Enduring Watcher): Though it invokes a similar name as the Watchers organization, it is not specific to Doren’thor members trained by them. It is acknowledgement of the history of the Kaldorei, and their identity that has been shown by it. Acknowledgement of weathering most any tide & corruption, always at cost, but never breaking for long.

Thas’delar (Forest Keeper): The current final rank of the Doren’thor that one can attain without an officer position. Senior and proven warriors whose dedication to Kalimdor is without question.

Detailed rules, and a quick application, are presented within our discord page. Most important among them:

  • No harassment, with zero tolerance.

  • Maintain OOC respect for fellow members.

  • Follow common RP courtesy on the server.

  • Kaldorei only.

  • Mages are allowed, but no Illidari, Death Knights. Other forces that push the limit, such as Druids of the Flame, will be handled case-by-base

Reach out to us in our Discord! Required for membership!

Discord code: HH7AWS5Zkf

Contact Info:

Raelor Valeclaw (GM) - Raelor#1554
Vesara Feathershade - Candalorian#3476
Adoreiel Moonwhisper - Peregrin#4199


Sounds like a great idea for a guild from a great Role-player!

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:fallen_leaf: Welcome to all our new members! :fallen_leaf:


Bump. I am heavily interested in this guild. Time to dust off my NE drood.


Damn this sounds interesting… Hmmm!


Best of luck to you all! It’s great to see more kaldorei RP popping up.


“To the night elves, who have lost their hopes, I give forth the ability to Dream again. To Dream, to Imagine, for in that is the best hope of rebuilding, of recovering, of growing… And to those who follow the path of one held special by me - and mine - I grant him and the other druids to come the path into the Emerald Dream, where, even in their deepest sleep, they may cross the world, learn from it, and draw upon its own strength… the better to guide Kalimdor’s health and safety throughout the future.”

-Ysera’s blessing upon Nordrassil at the end of the War of the Ancients and the Great Sundering of Azeroth.


Some amazing new faces within the Doren’thor have joined us this week and some Ashenvale shenanigans :fallen_leaf:


10/10, thoroughly enjoy going on murderous rampages with these fine elves of Elune.


I am sad about Demon Hunter thing…


Best of luck to you all.


I’m very intrigued, though I don’t really have any RP experience aside from very casual groups here and there. I also love playing Night Elves and the ambiance of Night Elf zones. Also, I have been playing on classic servers only since their release, so I would have to make a new character. Is this something I can stumble through, or will it just annoy experienced role players?


We’re welcome to new RPers! Feel free to join our discord and ask any questions of us, we have a little character assistance channel if you need any help in making a Kaldorei. If you need any general understanding for Night Elves just hit me up on there as well, I consider myself knowledgeable on night elf lore and some of the most important details to know / understand when making one.


Get in, losers. We’re going to Northrend to help the nymphs and drink weird milk with the Tuskarr.

You had me at milking Tuskarr…oh wait…
(one day the forums will update my guild name to show I am in the guild…)

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I thought they did not allow Demon Hunters?

My character is not a demon hunter ICLY, I use a demon hunter to have access to the night elf glaives. We do not allow In character demon hunters or death knights.

(Apparently replied on my main, but same applies)


What a shame. Oh well. Good luck to y’all!

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Moonday, moonlight bump.

Fantastic bunch!

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