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Oath of the Shanari

Reborn from stardust, I am Starsworn. Protector of the weak, guardian of the home, and warrior of the Goddess. I will offer my blade to the stars until my last breath takes me.


The Shanari is a heavy Kaldorei-specific roleplaying guild that has been on Moon Guard for almost three years. Throughout our time on the server we have engaged in multiple campaigns, immersive story-arcs, and community projects in order to shape the guild that we are today.

With Shadowlands on the horizon, and a return from our brief respite, we are looking for active and interested Kaldorei roleplayers to call our guild home.

We encourage both new and veteran roleplayers to interact and engage in our story, all the while carving out a place of their own within our lore.

Will you join us on this mission?

If interested, feel free to contact in-game or send an application to our website (www.shanari.shivtr. com)


The Shanari is an ancient order of Kaldorei sworn to an oath of safeguarding their lands, defending their people, and carrying out the will of the Goddess.

The Shanari serves as a religious-based paramilitary force of the Kaldorei people. As an elite unit, the Shanari are warriors of Elune honed by discipline and dedication.

The order of the Shanari is not intended for the light of heart, as it aims to reforge Kaldorei into skilled and capable soldiers. The Shanari endure rigorous training that pushes the bounds of their limitations, making them prepared for nearly any circumstance.

The unit is deeply rooted within the tradition of the Kaldorei, seeking to reaffirm the savage and tenacious nature of their people. The Shanari strives to cultivate itself as a space for the education of their culture, a haven for their people, and a locale for reverence of the Goddess.

As of late, the Shanari has splintered off from their affiliations with the Alliance due to disdain for the signing of the armistice with the Horde. The order grows increasingly enigmatic and has opted for a more clandestine approach to their actions. The unit of the Shanari seeks true justice for those lost at Teldrassil, and will seek any action necessary to obtain it.

Please feel free to click on the arrows below to learn more about us!

Guild Focus

The Shanari aims to provide quality, consistent, and authentic Kaldorei military roleplay that explores deeper themes of Kaldorei culture, faith, and warfare.

We aspire to provide members with an immersive and innovative experience that helps develop their character and the image of the guild.

We also seek to have our guild established as a haven for individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experience with roleplay. The Shanari is an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all individuals, and we are excited to have our members take part in our journey as a guild.

Order Lore

In the ancient times, long before the War of the Ancients, there remained a settlement known as Athalien. The settlement was west of the Well of Eternity, and was governed by a Council of four Highborne and four Kaldorei that brought unity to the city. On that council, representing the Kaldorei, Moon Priestess Sereneia Wintermoon oversaw the protection of her people and their communion to the Goddess. Beneath her command, the Moon Priestess forged a sacred order known as the Shanari, or “The Starsworn”.

The order was charged with ensuring the safety of Athalien and the eradication of all who sought to do it harm. For quite some time, the Shanari brought peace and unity to the people of Athalien and were renowned by many militia forces across Kalimdor for their dedication and expertise.

Yet, with the heralding of the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients, the Shanari found its reinforcements decimated in a battle to protect Athalien, rendering the Moon Priestess as all who remained. Sealing away the four blades she had gifted her council in a warded tomb near the outskirts of Athalien, the Moon Priestess vowed to avenge those of the Shanari with her dying breath.

Now, the time has drawn near for the return of the Shanari. With the threats against their people growing each waking moment, the resurrection of the order is needed now more than ever.

The braziers have been lit and the bells have been sounded for war.


A core aspect of the Shanari is our integration of “worldbuilding”.

Having been formed prior to the War of the Ancients, the Shanari is a unit ingrained in a rich history spanning thousands of years. Members are encouraged to learn the history of our order and weave their own narratives to make a place for themselves within the lore of the Shanari. We continuously attempt to support collaboration and individual ingenuity in creating our story and designing our guild.

Although we adhere to the guidelines set forth by lore, at times we do fill in gaps and also craft new concepts from the foundation of established ones in order to increase immersion and promote creativity. We actively encourage members to take part in the creative process of our guild, making it a space where these ideas can be created, fostered and set into motion.


The settlement of Athalien was originally located on the western reaches of Kalimdor, a haven for Kaldorei and Highborne alike created to promote harmony and unity amongst their people.

When the Sundering struck, Athalien was broken off from the mainland and displaced off the coast of Feralas in the Veiled Sea. Over time, a looming mist began to enshroud the island, making it invisible to the mainland and to the rest of the world. The island of Athalien serves as a sanctuary of ancient Kaldorei history, a land regarded for its variance in terrain and mystical properties.

With the rise of the Shanari once more, Athalien has been reclaimed as their primary base of operations. The Shanari have taken on a governmental role over the island, presiding over the interests of the territory and accounting for its civilian population. The politics and daily experiences on the island offer members the ability to keep themselves enthralled within the lore of the Shanari and make Athalien their home both ICly and OOCly.

Recently, the Shanari has opened their borders to Kaldorei refugees displaced by the Burning of Teldrassil and by the Fourth War. The order hopes to unify their kin under their protection and utilize Athalien as a haven for those caught amidst the war.

ICly, Athalien is intended to be off the coast of central Feralas in the Veiled Sea. OOCly, the Shanari uses the Ruins of Isilden and the surrounding area as a proxy for Athalien.


☆ Quel’kalar ☆

The Quel’kalar or “High Star” is the leader of the Shanari, harbinger of the mission of the order, and highest authority of the unit.

✧ Council of the Stars ✧

The Council of the Stars is composed of the four Quarter leaders of the Shanari: the Falah’kalar of the Balance Quarter, the Sin’kalar of the Blood Quarter, the Sera’kalar of the Sacred Quarter, and the Shal’kalar of the Shadow Quarter. The Council of the Stars aids in guiding the order alongside the Quel’kalar, regarded as the most venerated members of the order.

✵ Shan’surfal ✵

Shan’surfal or “Honored One” are veteran members of the Shanari, known throughout the order for their continued dedication to the unit. Shan’surfal have remained with the Shanari for quite some time and serve as paragons of the Shanari, called upon for council and expertise.

✯ Ishna’surfal ✯

Ishna’surfal or “Fated One” are new inducted members of the Shanari, sworn by their oath of allegiance to the order. Ishna’surfal are chosen as members for their resolve, determination, and faith. After being formally inducted, Ishna’surfal embark on the path of carving out a place for themselves within the unit.

⍣ Fana’surfal ⍣

Fana’surfal or “Allied One” are allies of the Shanari or individuals who have yet to be inducted into the order. Fana’surfal are liasons of the Shanari, associates that are called upon when the need is drawn. Fana’surfal as uninducted members of the Shanari must prove themselves in order to progress to the next rank of Ishna’surfal.


Quarters serve as divisions of the Shanari and paths in which members may embark on to improve their character’s capabilities and expertise.

The Blood Quarter

Hardened by the malice of war and honed by unrelenting determination, those of the Blood Quarter never falter in the wake of combat. With each cut, with each strike, with each hit; those sworn of Blood rise to fell any who oppose them. Frenzied within the confines of battle, those of Blood find their home.

The Sacred Quarter

Devout in their instruction and studious in the expansion of their abilities, those of the Sacred Quarter utilize aspects incomprehensible to most to aid their kin. Whether it be by the Goddesses’ will or by the esoteric mysticism of the Arcane, those sworn of Sacred defy all boundaries of battle. From afar, those of Sacred repel their enemies with a magical offensive or by mending their allies through prayer.

The Shadow Quarter

Unseen through trained motions and lethal by their command of stealth, those of the Shadow Quarter bend the shadows to their will. By any means necessary, the covert actions of those sworn of Shadow draw down enemies within the blink of one’s eye. With methods of concealment and clandestine techniques, those of Shadow slay their opposition in the comfort of the dark.

The Balance Quarter

Dedicated to their connection to the wilds and candor of their communion with the natural world, those of the Balance Quarter call upon the primordial forces of the balance to aid them. Contemplative in every action, those sworn of Balance guard the realm of the lands without hesitance. Through an accord with the powers surrounding them, those of the Balance quell any that seek to harm the harmony of their homes.


The primary method of progression within the Shanari are Trials. Trials are the method in which members move from one rank to another in a pragmatic and sensible manner, allowing them to demonstrate their capabilities and prove themselves worthy of being one of the Shanari. The intention of Trials is to introduce the lore of our order to members, forge their skills as warriors, and test their capabilities.


The Shanari is now open for recruitment!

The Shanari strives to pursue quality roleplaying members that seek to bring their own innovative ideas and concepts to the guild. We expect members to put as much into the guild as they seek to take from it, and hope that this cyclical model yields positive immersive roleplaying experiences for all.

Our guild attempts to emulate realistic interactions between members and throughout the world of Azeroth as best as we can. The “organic” interactions that the Shanari tries to provide aids in the flow of our storyline as a guild and also helps weave our larger narrative. We are open to members or those seeking entrance into the guild to provide storylines that we can expand or embark on.

The Shanari serves as a haven for our members, negating any and all forms of drama and negativity. We do not allow members to engage in hate speech, prejudice, or any other form of harmful language as members of our guild. We expect as members to act responsibly and in a mature manner, ensuring that they are being cordial to other players and remaining true to the reputation of the guild.


Prospective members MUST complete an application on our website (www.shanari.shivtr. com) in order to be admitted into the Shanari.

Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to us in-game to discuss how best to incorporate your character into our story and are invited to interact with our members both casually and during events.

The Shanari is not currently accepting non-Kaldorei, Demon Hunters, or Death Knights during this time. This may be subject to change in the future, but currently has been decided in the interests of our theme.


Shanari Website (www.shanari.shivtr. com)
Officers: Sereneia, Lunene, Alaryn, Astraani, Calha
Discord: Sereneia#0685


We are super excited to be back! After a temporary state of inactivity, we are hoping to find new members to help us establish ourselves going into Shadowlands. Even if you or your guild is interested in collaborating or interacting, feel free to contact us as we always are down to engage with new faces!

The Shanari hopes to help foster unity as well in the Kaldorei RP community through making meaningful connections with other groups/guilds. We all are lovers of Kaldorei lore and want to share that passion with our Moon Guard family.

Additionally, in the spirit of sharing that passion, feel free to add a response to the question below if you wish to reply to this thread.

What do you love about Night Elf (Kaldorei) lore, culture, or history?


Shameless bump. Looking forward to running events again!

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Good luck welcome back!!

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Great guild with lovely people who are open minded and really supportive of each other. Got a separate RP discord as well so there’s plenty of opportunities to RP with everyone if you can’t hop in game for any reason!

Overall I’m really happy to be a part of this guild!

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And we are off! We are currently beginning our new campaign with a voyage up the coast of Kalimdor.

If you or your group is hanging around the area, feel free to give us a poke in-game if you’d wanna interact! We don’t bite, most of the time.

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Bumpity bump bump.

I mean… yesss joinnn uussssss

Awesome group of people, epic RPs… some lasting a few hours. Much funs!

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This is a great place to develop your character.

Last night, we started an expedition to find our missing brethren and any refugees, down in Desolace. Faced off against naga, centaurs, and in the end, our friend perished by the hands of a savage seer. Plenty of feels involved, as good stories have.

With mixed success, the Shanari will continue its voyage, onwards to Stonetalon.

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We’ll be heading to Ashenvale this week! The Shanari is still actively recruiting and has recently updated our website to make sure we get all that good info out to folks.

If you’re interested in getting involved in some Kaldorei RP, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message!

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bumpin’ in da club. If anyone is interested feel free to reach out to Sereneia at their details listed above or myself either in-game through bnet (Mouse#12482) or discord(Mousifer#6941)
be safe all <3