[A] <Royal Authorities> [PvE Semi-Hardcore] [RP-Light] [PvP-Midcore]

[Alliance] [Semi-Hardcore] [8/8 BWL] 5:30-8:30PM Server Time Tuesday/Thursday

General Information

  • Faction: Alliance

  • Guild Type: PvE

  • Region: NA

  • Timezone: EST

  • Language: English

  • Intensity: Semi-Hardcore

  • Loot System: Loot Council

  • Raid Times: 5:30-8:30PM EST Tuesday/Thursday


<Royal Authorities> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with the intent of pushing content quickly and efficiently. Everyone’s time is valuable and it is important to us to make sure nobody’s time is wasted as we either progress or farm the current raid content while having fun doing it. We have cleared Blackwing Lair As the 9th guild on server to do it (6th on Alliance) and it has been on farm with ease for weeks. We are currently in preparation for AQ40 and beyond.

The guild was created by a group of online and real-life friends located in the DMV area with members from all over the nation. The experience of each member varies to completely new, to well seasoned veterans in both PvP and PvE. The guild is run by multiple members that range from achieving Rank 14 in original vanilla, multi-seasonal gladiators, as well as realm first achievement holders from Wrath of the Lich King.

Loot Policy

As it was stated before, Loot Council is the means of loot distribution. The decisions made after every raid are looked at and discussed in depth under a lens in order to better assess decision making for the future. As it stands right now, our system looks at metrics such as: Attendance, Player Class, Upgrade Value, Player Role, and Player Performance.

These metrics are utilized depending on if we are currently in progression, farm, or the item is “high-ticket” (a highly sought-after item by many people). We have looked at Blackwing Lair in depth and already have a firm grasp of its loot as well as how it measures up in terms of Molten Core.

Class Availability

For our raiding roster we are looking for the following classes to join as main raiders:

  • Priest: Very High

  • Mage: High

  • Warlock: Medium

  • Warrior: Low

  • Paladin: Closed

  • Rogue: Closed

  • Hunter: Closed

  • Druid: Closed

Contact us

An application can be submitted here: forms.gle/FVZm6nxSiroZ2edd6

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, send a message to Faelior (GM) or Jahir (Co-GM) in-game or hit us up on discord by following the link: discord.gg/HQZ8Jcw


Hope everyone’s enjoying Classic :+1:

Bunch of chill and fun to be around people. Can’t wait til we get into more group stuff

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Love you Sib as well as all the other people have joined. They’ve all made classic a truly classic experience for me and others. :slight_smile:

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A wild ride so far with these guys.

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We’re going strong and still looking for more members to join us. Just whisper me in game if you want more information. :slight_smile:

Very social and supportive guild. People don’t mind helping out lower levels and helping with difficult quest or Dungeons. Great Times ahead i feel.

Getting really close to starting Pre-raid BiS runs. Some people have already started in the guild. =)

A Guild Meeting / RP-PvP Event is scheduled for this week to discuss what we need in the guild and properly assess what’s still needed after the initial launch leveling rush. Keep posted for more information.

Tomorrow, we will be updating the class priorities so it is more obvious what we are looking for. Expect that later in the day.

Last night we had a wonderful PVP event. We gathered in Menethil Harbor tavern drinking and getting ready for war. We moved to our target area of Arathi Highlands after our guild business was handled. We took to the town of Hammerfall and took over. We moved on to other conquest after in STV. We laid siege to Grom’Gol and most of the raid sneaked into a Zeppelin. The Horde on the upper deck had no idea what was coming to them when we burst from the underbelly slaughtering them. From there we hear crys of War in our home of Menethil Harbor and took up arms. We charged the horde that was attacking our home and ran them out of wetlands. The guild returned to the tavern for drinks and debriefing. This all happened in 3 hours. Album of the Event below


We’ve decided on trying to move forward with an earlier raid time of October 1st. This puts us well ahead of schedule with a bulk of our group hitting 60. We likely have some spots to fill which will be properly assessed in the upcoming weeks. Proper availability needs will be posted by this weekend.

Fun times!

We have a bunch of people running BRD this weekend. Get that pre-bis bois.

I have assessed what we need with the leveling crazy slowing down and our first MC raid closing in.

The class priority for what we are looking for has also been updated:

  • Druid: Low
  • Hunter: Low
  • Mage: Medium
  • Paladin: Low
  • Priest: Low
  • Rogue: Medium
  • Warlock: Medium
  • Warrior: Medium

We are mainly looking for DPS, both Melee and Ranged. If you are these, please apply as there is likely a spot just for you. =)

We could use more warlocks and mages! If you want to raid then we’ll be happy to take you.

We are still very interested in warlocks and mages. If you have any interest in us, please reach out. =)

Mage class leader here! Feel free to shoot me message with any questions. Mature, friendly bunch. High priority for ranged dps currently, especially mages!

If you were interested at all and want to see how we run: We are hosting a PUG MC run on 10/1 (this upcoming tuesday) at 5:30 to 8:30PM PST/Server (8:30 to 11:30PM EST).

We are interested in clearing Molten Core, following up on Thursday with doing Onyxia. We want the run to be clean and mature, but fun. The loot rules, as it is a pug, are detailed in the form sheet and we will be giving out invites on a “first come first serve basis” with priority for in-guild members. If you are interested, just sign up and be online around that time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on discord @Sudnep#1156 or in-game on Faelior. Thank you in advance. =)

Form: forms.gle/oNPZnvg4LMcXGtt76

Heard the pugs went great, congrats to the paladins who got the gear (seriously 7 pieces of Paladin gear dropped I heard).

Still looking for mages and warlocks! If you like hitting one button in raid over and over then please get in touch with either Fae or myself.