[A] Roll Credits Recruiting Few More For BWL/MC

Is now recruiting! Tired of the people min maxing like it’s mythic raiding? Is your guild requiring 400g in consumables every night to clear content? Are they sweaty mashing 1 button over and over again? Turn the page on the drama and join Roll Credits!

Established raid leaders clearing 11/11 in one night for 4 months strong now! BWL will start once the ranks have been filled.

Current needs:

1 Prot War
Rest Druid
Fury Warriors

Raid times listed in server time.

Wednesday 7pm-9pm
Sunday 6pm-9pm

Loot will be done by a council prioritizing T2 3 piece for everyone first. Old content with the exception of a few specific items will be open rolled.

Please feel free to message Ripp/Burntoast, Serendil, Siwa, or Flickmywand/Kigrin