[A] <ROCKSTAR> | Hardcore & Semi-Hardcore 40-man Raiding | EST 8PM-12A TUE/THU


Rockstar is the premium, original Alliance guild on Grobbulus. We recruit high quality players so we can efficiently clear content. We run 2 different raid teams every week that each have different goals. Our Tuesday team is highly competitive and focuses on speed clearing content. Thursday’s team still encourages full world buffs and consumes but is generally more laid back and doesn’t use speed clearing strategies.


Organic Day-1 Grobb guild
Tuesday’s Raid (29 minute BWL)
Thursday’s Raid (49 minute BWL)
Top 3 Server MC Speed Clear in Phase 2.

Recruitment Status

See the list below for in-demand classes. Exceptional players encouraged to reach out regardless of your class!

  • Disc/Holy Priest
  • Mages
  • Holy Paladin

Culture & what to Expect

Rockstar was built from scratch for the launch of Classic WoW. Our members are laid back and have lives outside of the game, so when it comes to raiding it’s game time and we don’t waste time. Outside of raids, you can find us getting world buffs or just messing around and having fun. The GM has several years of experience in top 5 world raiding guilds, and our core players have years of mythic raiding experience and are multi-gladiators.


Fill out our membership application form at: bit.ly/3fnTVbV
Go to the discord and say hello, or in-game, start a conversation.
We’re interested in your interest in Rockstar!

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