[A] <Riot> | Tue/Thur 8:30 & 9:30p EST & SUN 9:30p teams | (9/9AQ) Netherwind Server

__:fire: [Riot] 9/9 AQ + Sub 45m BWLs :fire: __

We are a LOW PRESSURE NO WORLD BUFF guild. We ONLY run world buffs during DMF week for fun / log pumping. World buffs have sucked the fun out of the game and we focus on optimizing without them on non DMF weeks.

:trophy: Rankings :trophy:
#4 Netherwind AQ speed (No WBS)
#13 US AQ speed (No WBS)

:arrow_down: Recruiting for THREE separate RAIDS :arrow_down:

Early Raid (Tue/Thur) 8:30ST-11:30ST (No WB parsing)
Rogue - 1
Priest - 1

Late Raid (Tue/Thur) 9:30ST-12:30ST (No WB parsing)
Priest - 1
Fury War - 1

Weekend (Sun) 9:30ST-12:30ST (WBS allowed)
Hpal - 1
Rogue - 1
Fury War - 1
Warlock - 1

We currently run two weekday teams and just opened **THIRD **raid team that is already 9/9 AQ after only two weeks. Weekend raiders have the ability to float in and out of weekday raids as needed.

Old school vanilla players / skilled dad gamers who love a chill / joking raid environment. Some of us played in top world guilds in Vanilla, others were hardcore pvpers (rank 13/14 grinders) and some are old school TBC gladiators.

We love bringing consumes, and parsing.

We run premade BG’s and have a few guys ranking. We obliterate most premades.

Relaxed, efficient/fun fast raids, ACTIVE off hours community.

We run a NO DRAMA community. We are high performers with a casual / relaxing atmosphere. We believe we can enjoy the game as adults while still pumping.

Our raids run a loot committee / round robin hybrid, the full rules can bee seen on our discord under #loot

Message me on discord at Xyshina#2907 or apply on our discord under #apply-to-riot - discord.gg/ZVQuFnU