[A] <Riot> Recruiting | Tu/Thu 8:30&9:30 raids +New WKND raid

[Riot] SUB 60m BWL/MCs
:star: OPENINGS IN TWO separate RAIDS - see below for our availabilities.:star:

:white_check_mark: Early Raid (Tue/Thur) 8:30ST-11:30ST
Resto Druid - Medium
Priest - High
Fury Warrior - Medium
OT or MT - x1

:x:Late Raid (Tue/Thur) 9:30ST-12:30ST

:white_check_mark: Weekend Raid (Sun) 9:30ST-12:30ST (BRAND NEW!)
Priest - Medium
Hpal - Medium
Rdruid - Medium
Hunter - Medium
Lock - Medium
Warrior - Low
Rogue - Low

We currently run two weekday raid teams and are opening a THIRD raid team for our core raider alts + weekend raiders. Our goal is to make this JUST AS STRONG as our weekday raid. We will have the same mentality as our weekday raid and want to take this through AQ/Naxx. This will run separate of our weekday but core weekend raiders will have the ability to float in and out of weekday raids as needed.

:fire: WHO ARE WE?
Old school vanilla players / skilled dad gamers who love a chill / joking raid environment. Some of us played in top world guilds in Vanilla, others were hardcore pvpers (rank 13/14 grinders) and some are old school TBC gladiators.

We love bringing consumes, getting world buffs and parsing, but it is not a hard requirement to raid with us.

We run premade BG’s 4-5 nights a week and have a few guys ranking. We obliterate most premades.

Relaxed, efficient/fun sub 60m MC/BWLs with an ACTIVE off hours community.

We run a :x:NO DRAMA:x:, relaxed raid environment. We are :mechanical_arm:high performers with a casual feeling / relaxing atmosphere. We believe we can enjoy the game as adults while still pumping like big boys.

We snag 2-4 world bosses a week.

Our weekday raids run a loot committee / round robin hybrid system, our weekend raid will run a +1 soft reserve, +2 if you come world buffed.

Message me on discord at Xyshina#2907 or apply on our discord under #apply-to-riot - discord.gg/ZVQuFnU

bump for recruitment updates