[A] - <Riot> 8/8 BWL x2 raids recruiting | Tue/Thur

Hey Netherwind! We are recruiting for two separate raid groups inside of Riot. We are 8/8 BWL and on most weeks we can do all content in one raid day! All classes and specs will be considered!

Old school vanilla players who love a chill / joking raid environment. Some of us played in top world guilds in Vanilla, others were hardcore pvpers (rank 13/14 grinders) and some are old school TBC gladiators.

  • We love bringing consumes, getting world buffs and parsing, but it is not a hard requirement to raid with us.

  • We run premade BG’s 4-5 nights a week and have a few guys ranking.

  • We run a no drama, relaxed raid environment. We all came back to WoW to escape our new lives of being parents or our stressful career jobs.

Tuesday / Thursday
Early Raid: 8:30-11:30 est
Late Raid: 9:30-12:30 est

Standard leadership structure, we have a single GM and a core of officers. Our GM is a 40 year old physician who runs his own medical practice with a plethora of experience managing others. Officers work diligently with our GM to manage the raid, provide strategy, heal assignments and lead pvp.

Loot committee / round robin hybrid system. It is a unique system we personally developed to provide balanced and even loot distribution. We have full info inside our discord open to the public.

Feel free to message me on discord at Xyshina#2907 and lets chat!

You can also review some of our previous parses from Incendius by finding us on Warcraft Logs under the guild name Reverence.


Boopity Boopity.

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