[A] Returning Casual - Looking for Guild

Howdy all!

TLDR - Returning OG Player looking for casual, friendly, (relatively) mature guild.

I’m an OG player. I started back in Closed Alpha days and played pretty heavily through Wrath. Life and reasons had me leaving the game after that, but the itch has always been there. I find myself with more free time of late, and very much enjoy the Classic and TBC content.

So I started up a few characters here on Alliance side. I prefer RP servers for the community, and I enjoy the occasional RP myself. After a few weeks to check things out, I’ve decided to pick up the hobby again. To that end, I am looking for a friendly guild to join.

Things I’m looking for :

  • Casual Friendly - I’ve done the weekly raid schedule, pushing content, min-maxing etc. ZERO desire to return to that kind of gaming. Real life will ALWAYS come first. This is a hobby and if I stop enjoying it or it interferes with real life, I can’t justify it.
  • Mature (relatively) - I’ve no issue with young people. I don’t care for crass, crude, l33t sp34k, etc personalities, and these can come at all ages. I’d like people who are friendly, understanding, and fun to be around.

So … Anyone have any suggestions? I notice there isn’t a pinned post in the forums these-days with guilds listed by name and description. Is that just not a thing anymore, or is the server community too small for that?

While I can’t speak on behalf of the other guilds on the server - I can say that my time with Unchained has been absolutely delightful. I joined up with them well before I could start raiding or really be a late game contributor to the guild in any meaningful capacity and they still supported and cheered me along whilst I worked my way to level cap.

I don’t know many leveling guilds on the server since the premise of a leveling guild sort of tapers out once people actually get leveled… but if you don’t mind an established guild that does some raiding, has mostly mature folks within its folks, a respectful but silly community… maybe you should look us up sometime ^-^.

If you find Eldamare online sometime, I might be able to find an officer for you to talk to if you have any questions! Whatever you do end up finding, I hope the best for you while you stay on BSB!

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Allianz…/spit …