[A] Resto/Ele Shaman LF Adult AOTC Guild


I am coming back to the game after taking a break after Uldir.

Looking for an adult AOTC guild that raids a little later in the evening.

Just as important a good community that does content together, ie: 5 mans, leveling etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Hi Brennus,

My guild might be a good fit for you! Take a look at our recent post. Please reach out to me if you are interested or if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

Btag is Kinka#1154

Hi Brennus,

< Special > of Hyjal, is a one night a week guild that is striving to achieve AOTC in a timely manner, and push head strong into mythic in a casual atmosphere.

Some of the members of the guild have raided together for several years and we have a good core but want to add to our ranks in order to be able to tackle our goals quicker and push into mythic at a faster pace.

Realm: Hyjal
Realm Time Zone: PST
Raid Times: Saturday from 6:00pm - 10:00pm (realm time)

Recruiting for Shadowlands and in need of healers/dps.

Would love to chat with you more about joining our team. My contact information is : Euphoria#11461 (btag) || Euphoria#1146 (discord).

Thanks for the replies. Not quite what I am looking for at this moment.

Back to the top.

Semi-Casual RL raiding guild re-establishing for Shadowlands. Will be pushing the boundaries in mythic+ dungeons as well as new raid content. Raid times Wed, Thur, 7:45pm-10:00pm PT
Looking to fill all roles hit me up

Hi there Brennus,

We’re currently for a resto shaman for our raid healer core. I’ll leave our advert down below. Send me a message if you’re interested. Thanks =)

About Us:
Stitched Up is a guild of friendly, mature players who are interested in all facets of the game. We typically participate in Raids, M+ runs, PvP activities as well as T-mog / Achieve / alt runs. The guild was initially formed at the start of the 8.3 Patch in BFA with a group of veteran players with experience reaching back to Vanilla. Our guild structure design is a council of 5 players who help pace the guilds posterity with a group of officers who help facilitate the guilds daily needs (raid lead, recruitment, supply chain, etc).

Focus: As we are moving into Shadowlands our goal with this guild is to have a fun & good-humored atmosphere for players who want to push their limitations in progression raids & M+. We set out to achieve AotC in every raid and attempt to get as many bosses down in Mythic as possible within our allocated time before next patch.

Raiding Info:
Our current Raid Schedule is set at Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:00PM - 9:30PM CST/Server Time
Starting in Heroic until cleared/farm status, then we will transistion to Mythic progress for a 2 days/week schedule

Recruitment Spots: *Pre-SL release.
Tank: Closed
Healers: 1 spot
DPS: Open for RDPS

Contact Info:
BNet: Moon#17540
Discord: Moons#5311

Thanks. Found a guild. Good luck to you all.

Hello Brennus!

We are a new guild that is looking to get into heroic/mythic progression. All of our current raiders have 12/12H and/or some kind of mythic experience. We are trying to develop a team that loves to raid with each other, while progressing as far as we can.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm-12am cst.

If you have any questions or if you are interested, please let me know!

-Discord: Tano#7981
-Btag: Caseclosed#11853