[A] Report Cm

Can the community please come together and report Cm for account sharing/botting. This guy is literally ruining our brackets and Blizzard has done nothing.


This. 1000 times. I’ve had several conversations with GM’s about this and they all blow me off. “right click and report” is all they say.

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This account has been online for 95% of the past 408 hours as of 2/27/20. To be clear that is 17 days straight ( minus hours of weekly reset ). The world record of someone awake without the help of drugs is about 296 hours. 99% of that time is spent in AV que or in AV BG. Combined player observation verifies this. Please help protect our server and report CM and his account and let Blizzard make its own Judgement. This account is breaking TOS, “Account sharing, potential paid AV to rank 14 service, and botting in AV.” among other to abuse to Rank Reward system to GM. This account needs to be looked NOW at as it 100% cheating and banned. Protect our server, do your job Blizzard.

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get this account sharer/botter out of here .


ive reported them for using a ranking service / botting a couple times. i gave up ranking because of this person

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How is this still being ignored?