[A] <Regression> Recruitment Closed

Regression is a casual friendly progression based guild from vanilla WoW. Ranked among the best on Kel Thuzad server, we participated in many server first events including opening the gates of Ahn’Qiraj. Our goals in classic are to be a dedicated raiding guild which can succeed while also balancing RL and not burning out.

We are a smaller, dedicated guild. Our core group consists of hardcore nolifers, but our only expectation is that you put in effort during raid, and we have many casual friends as well.

Raiding is available to all who can participate with a fair DKP loot system (show up and you earn dkp, which you can spend anyway you want). We have Rag and BWL on farm and full cleared BWL on our first raid day of release week. We also currently organize 2-3 ZG runs and usually 1 Ony run per week. The ZG and Ony runs are guild only, alt friendly, totally optional, non-dkp, free-roll raids. We run one raid team in a small, friendly, long-established guild, so raid spots are limited!


  • BWL 8/8
  • MC 10/10

Bonus Optional Raids:

  • Ony
  • ZG

Currently In Need of:

  • Recruitment Closed, will update if this changes.

Raid times: (Since all content is cleared Sundays, currently Mondays are free but will be added back into the schedule come AQ)

  • Sunday mornings (10:00am-2:00pm PST)
  • Monday evenings (6:00pm-8:00pm PST)
  • Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings (Optional non-DKP raids)

Times are to accommodate our EST and PST members. I know its weird but what else are you doing Sunday mornings anyway?! Come get some loot with us!

Please whisper Snowbird (recruitment officer) or Froste (Guild Leader), or any other officer online for an invite!
Other officers: Wine(Toast), Keroyn, Feneban, Eckson, Breadbeard, Ashk, Taliar


Edit: Classes we are in need of updated!

Still recruiting. Come join the fun!

Updated recruitment needs and raid times.

Raiding MC this Sunday morning at 10am. I know its a weird time, but what else do you have going on then? Come join us!

Still looking for more!

Still recruiting. Come join!

Raiding Ony tonight have a spot open for you, come get some loot with us!

Raid times updated.

Raiding MC Sunday morning. 5 slots open for anyone curious or interested in recruitment, or just want to temporarily fill in. If you are interested in a slot, we are seeking DPS and awarding DKP for participation (including non-guilded).


Few spots open for Rag on Monday evening. We are filling up and spots are gonna get tight so join now!

Is there someone specific I need to talk to for the Sunday morning raid? I am interested. (60 lock DS/Ruin)

Send a tell to Snowbird, or Discord Snowbird#2618 thanks

Updated needs.

Hello Myzrael!

Bump it up

Updated recruitment needs. Still looking for a few more dps!

Sup Myzrael!

Recruitment updated

Still have a couple of open spots